October 31, 2012

Halloween Revisited …

It’s over for another year.

Here are my thoughts:

Saving the carving of the pumpkin until Halloween day is awesome. It’s a perfect after school activity. Look at these fellas. The three of us had a ball designing a face and scooping out the gunk.

Then for the next HOUR, my Owlie focused all of his energy on carving the rest of the pumpkin chunks.  It was awesome.

We only got about 30 – 40 trick or treaters.  Lame.

There were more teenagers than little kids.  Sad.

We have WAY, WAY too much candy in this house. Ugh.

The corn dog muffins were a total bomb.  The hot dogs fell out the bottom every time we picked up a muffin. Bummed.

But the chili was delish. MMM…

Bye Halloween. See you October!

Hello November and Hannie B’s birthday TODAY!  I love that spastic ball of girl energy! I can’t believe she’s a teenager.  I also can’t believe she went to school today dressed like this:

It was “Steve Urkel Day” at school.  They didn’t call it Nerd Day because they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Yeah.

She’s a riot.  A big, nerdy riot and I love her to death!


Tracie said...

I love your guts and your little people too!

Apis Melliflora said...

Happy birthday Nerdy niece! I know that you're really cool inside and out. No fooling me even with your fabulously freaky outfit.

We're still in Halloween mode here....or, in the Halloween twilight zone, as I like to call it.

MelancholySmile said...

Happy birthday Hannie B!!

We're dealing with sniffles and a sugar high, but every time one of the kids pawns off an Almond Joy on me, I think of you, Dragonfly. :)

Aiketa said...

Happy Birthday to Hannie B.!!! Steve Urkel Day at school, is a good present! And I feel more ok with the fact that there's school after Halloween night if they can dress up for it too. It sounds less hard. I love her costume!!! Just perfect!

I like RedDog on his glasses! He looks so handsome!

Sue said...

I love how she's sticking her butt out! Classic awkwardness!

Oh wait, you guys don't say "butt" do you? Censor as necessary. :)

craigandlissa said...

I've seen this look and expression before from her Aunties Jamie, Heather, Heidi, Megan and Chelsea. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today.

jd said...

Here are MY thoughts:

1. RedDog is a handsome guy!

2. Owlie stabbing/carving the chunks... reminds me of him hammering everything with his toy hammer, a couple Christmases ago... Sigh. (Love Christmas at Lees'...) (and you should love my correct use of apostrophes in a plural surname)

3. Steve Urkel, AKA Jaleel White, went to my first middle/high school (it was a combo school, he was in 6th when I was in 9th). He was just the Oreo Kid (from a commercial) then, and he knew who I was-- come on, I was freshman class pres, after all-- but I was whatever about him, though I did kindly say hello back. I eventually left that school to go to a different high school, because he was stalking me. All of that is true except for the last five words.