November 27, 2012

My Girl …

She is silly.

She steals my camera and takes pictures like this.

She is smart.

She has the most creative mind.

She is caring.

She is helpful.

She is fun to be with.

She is bubbly.

She sleeps with an eye mask.

She eats like a horse.

She loves Taylor Swift.

She loves her Kindle Fire.

She makes my heart so very happy.

And right now, she is having a struggle.  Say a little prayer for my Hannie B, won’t you?  She could really use it.


Apis Melliflora said...

Oh dear. Prayers for your sweet, smart, bubbly girl! When they struggle, we struggle too. Prayers for you too.

christy said...

She's adorable. Love those beautiful eyes and perfect freckles. We'll definitely say a little prayer for her. This age is full of struggles and they need all the prayers they can get.

Aiketa said...

And you forgot to say that she is beautiful! I really like her freckles!
I will be thinking of her! And sending positive thought!

The Queen Vee said...

My Hannie B always has my prayers.

squeezeme said...

Lots of prayers for Hannah and a phone call for you tomorrow. I recieved your message....but it was far too late to return!

Ronalin said...

Hannah, you are beautiful and amazing!