November 26, 2012

A Public Thank You …


To the inventor of the portable DVD player:

How can I thank you for saving my sanity?

Twelve hours in the car with a three year old is cruel and unusual punishment for any sane human.  But you, dear inventor, have made it tolerable - dare I even say it - enjoyable.

Only thirty minutes into the ride {at 6:36 a.m. even!} the dreaded question first escaped those tiny lips. “Mama, we almost home yet?”


And so in a perfectly bad parenting moment, I did the following:

Cars. Followed immediately by Night at the Museum.

Tiny muffins.



Madagascar 2.


Potty break IN THE CAR while in bumper to bumper traffic. {Pat on back for thinking to pack the little porta potty and lots of bags.}

Sour Patch Kids.

Potty break and lunch at Subway.

Kung Fu Panda 2.

Bunny crackers.

Potty break in the car AGAIN.

The Polar Express.

Yes. My three year old watched S-I-X movies, back to back to back in the car yesterday.  And because he did, I actually slept for three hours of the ride, managed to take care of a sick older brother, deftly handed out treats whilst massaging the Hubby’s tired neck, swiftly texted friends and family, all while engaging in mind numbing conversation which might probably save the world from its problems.

So, dear portable DVD inventor, you are my hero.  At least for a day.  Travelling with small children is hard. And you’ve made it just a bit easier.

Now, if you could just help me figure out how to stop him from asking, “Are we almost home yet?” fifty-eight times.

Love, The Dragonfly


Apis Melliflora said...

What a marathon drive! Modern conveniences certainly do make our lives as parents easier. Could you imagine visiting relatives via horse & buggy?!

The Queen Vee said...

All we had were little cassette tape stories, Broadway musical scores and Wheat Thins when you were a kid. That Owlet + sibs was traveling in the lap of luxury on this latest trip.

I'm pretty sure I would get car sick watching a movie while riding in a car.

Aiketa said...

Wow, sure six movies are a lot, but so are 12 hours in a car... I can totally understand why you want to thank its inventor.
My longest road trip was to Paris when I was 10, it was a 10 hours car ride during the night. Portable DVD didn't exist then, so our parents were clever enough to prepare some space for the youngest ones at the back of the van between our luggage for us to sleep. It was exiting to be sleeping at the back of the van and I remember waking up when we were almost arriving at EuroDisney. I think they had a great trip too. ;)

squeezeme said...

Oh so true friend! Honestly, it's all about the sanity and survival on that long of a car trip.... Movies, sugar- bring it on! I hope Red Dog is feeling better today.