November 14, 2012

A Few Things About Me …

I’m going to talk about me today. So if you’re already sick of that, come back Monday. 

I’ve got some randomness to share.  Ya ready?  Here we go:

  • I’m growing my hair out.  I feel like I’ve been growing it out for two years.  This is the first picture of me where it looks “longish”.  Then I look at last year’s Christmas picture, which was taken at Thanksgiving and realize it’s barely grown at all in one year. Blah.
  • I hate shaving my legs in the winter.  Armpits, yes. Legs, no.  Is that normal?
  • The Halloween candy is totally gone and I ate A LOT of it.  Favorites this year: 1,000 Grand, Mounds {always} and Milky Way.  Chocolate only for me, please. Did anyone else notice that the fun sized candy bars have gotten smaller?
  • I’m in a creative funk.  Pinterest is making me feel like a loser.  I can’t start or finish a single project. I just don’t have it in me. So instead I rearranged the family room today.
  • I just got a new pair of fuzzy jammies at Costco. I want to wear them every single day.  A friend of mine coined the term “Blankie Pants” for them. It makes total sense.  Remind me to tell you why I have total Blankie issues from my childhood.
  • I love the Queen’s Dish so much, I can’t even stand it.  Some nights as I’m driving home from another fabulous night of food and friends, I have to pinch myself and pat myself on the back at the same time for coming up with such an awesome idea.  I have two people to thank for the idea: My Momma and Jennie Doezie. Superstars,I tell ya.
  • I’m leaving today to go on a road trip with my SIL Audrey. I am very excited.  To be with her. To be without kids. To drive and drink Dr. Pepper.  This momma takes care of everybody else, but I rarely do things for myself.  Did I mention I’m excited?
  • It’s 5:50 in the morning, I’m just about to post this and I just found out my baby sister-in-law (the youngest of all my siblings) had her first baby a few hours ago!  It’s a girl and they named her Estelle (Stella). Is there anything happier than a new baby? I think not.  Congratulations Chelsea and Thomas.

That’s all I’ve got today.  Back here on Monday with awesome road trip stories!


The Queen Vee said...

You're beautiful with long or shorter hair.

Hope you have a fun safe trip.

Congrats to the newest Lee and her parents.

If you live long enough you won't have to shave your arms and legs anymore.

I'm always happy to have an occasion to use my dishes and even happier that once a month I don't have to cook the whole meal.

I gave all our H-ween candy away, smart move on my part. Unfortunately I have a tin of Danish sugar cookies sitting in my pantry...but only one tin.

I"m in a creative funk too, actually I've been in it for 6 years. Pinterest makes me exhausted.

Aiketa said...

I feel your pain about growing your hair... I've been trying so hard to grow it out for more than 6 years, but it seems that it doesn't grow that much... But as The Queen said, you look beautiful either with longer or shorted hair.
I really like your hair though in this photo! You look smashing!!! And the outfit is so great too! :D

I'm looking forward to the day I won't have to shave my legs anymore...

I think I've never been that creative... but I'm proud of the Halloween pumpkin I did last Monday. It was my first one ever and it was not that bad. {Probably this sounds funny to you...}

Oh! Queen's Dish, my opinion is only based on facebook photos... but I think it's normal that you feel that way about it! If I lived closer, I would totally do my best to get a invite! :D It sound like the place to be!

Oh!!! A road trip!!! How fun!!! That's my fav way of traveling. Last Sunday we did a little road trip (3h one way) to an amusement park with some of my friends as a surprise present for my birthday. I had everything I wanted: a surprise (I didn't know where we were going), a road trip and spending some time with my friends.
Have a fun and safe road trip Samantha! Enjoy it!!! Looking forward to hear about your stories on Monday.

Congratulation on the arrival of the newest member of the Lee family.

Apis Melliflora said...

Randomness posts make me feel like a kid in a candy store!

You hair looks so great. I have a little hair envy going on because I look like a big poof ball right now and desperately need an overhaul.

Have a great road trip! I love the way you turned the whole thing into a BIG deal trip!

I need some of those yummy QD recipes!

We all go through project finishing and stalling phases. You are a creative person and that can only like dormant so long.

A new baby with a very adorable name. That's wonderful!

love you!

TooTall said...

So excited to have you all in NC! If I could I would give you some of my hair! It is long enough for the both of us! Have a safe drive!

Sue said...

Not wanting to shave in the winter? Duh! Why do you think boots were invented?

Have so much fun with Audrey (I almost typed A-Dog, but I couldn't remember if that was actually a nickname you guys used! If not, I'll start it. Hi A-Dog!)

Sue said...

I meant 'Sup, A-Dog!

P.S. I love your flippy do Sammy!