November 14, 2012

Laughed Until We Cried …

Do you know what this world needs more of?

Laughter.  Good, old fashioned, gut splitting laughter!

When we got married I think the Hubby set a goal to make me laugh every single day.  He has been successful. 

But he had a rough day on Sunday and was a bit down. That is a very rare occasion around here. When he’s down, I feel down. When he’s down, there is less laughter.

Fast forward to yesterday. My little brother sent The Hubby and me a story to read.  He warned us to use the bathroom before we read it because it was so funny we wouldn’t be able to contain our laughter.

The Hubby read it at work.  I read it in my pajamas on the couch.  At the same time, but in different places, we were both completely out of control with fits of laughter.

Then late last night when we were finally together lying in the dark in bed, we started talking about what we’d read.  All of the sudden, we were retelling the story to each other and our laughter was so loud I worried we might wake the children.

We could not stop laughing.  I’m talking the good kind – tears pouring out of our eyes, bodies shaking, face hurting.  It was awesome!

Just when we thought we had calmed down, one of us would giggle ever so slightly, and then it would start over again.  We couldn’t even pray together without busting up in a fit of laughter after thanking God for the joy of laughter.

This went on for a good twenty-five minutes. Twenty-five minutes of straight laughter. My soul was lifted. When we finally stifled the last hearty chuckle, I heard my sweet Hubby’s heavy breathing and fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

It is one of my most favorite moments ever. I love that Hubby so much.

Do you need to laugh with your loved one?  Let me know.  I’ll forward you the story.


Apis Melliflora said...

Praise God for laughter!

christy said...

Yes, please forward the story. We like a lot of laughter around here, too. It made me smile reading about your fun moment.

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

I would love to read the story that made you laugh so hard. And there is nothing better than laughter. Thanks for sharing! Great post!

The Queen Vee said...

Use it or lose it. It's gets harder to laugh as you get older, true sad fact.

27 redutqu

Bells said...

You should post the funny story or forward it to me, I love to laugh! Last night my hubby and I were laughing at our teenager who has to endure "Puritan Day" for school today, from 6am- 10p. He is so mad at all the restrictions, namely no hair product, hair parted in the middle, no ipods or phones allowed....

Aiketa said...

I want to laugh like that, so yes please send me the story!!! Actually while reading your post I was hoping there would be a link or something to the story.

I love it when that happens, you after feel so so so great!
And as someone else said, reading thi post made me smile ear to ear. :D

brendag said...

I am so happy for the memorable time you were able to spend together laughing in the dark!
Please forward the story to me, I am so curious now!

Sue said...

Post the link, we're all dying to read it!

Suzy J said...

Yes yes yes! WE have been passers in the night.l crazy deadlines, illness, and family. No date night for a few weeks makes for a heavy heart AND the holidays are coming to make for even busier time. I just want to hold his hand and laugh! Thank you, I chuckled at the thought of the two of you laughing! My favorite pillow talk is with lots of laughing!