September 28, 2012

Channeling Patsy …


My Hubby has an Aunt who is the goddess of flowers.  She designs professionally for a very high end florist in Utah. Everything she does takes my breath away {including this bouquet from my sister-in-law’s wedding last summer}.

Her name is Patsy and she embodies the word lovely. 

Today I am channeling her and praying that the Lord will magnify my meager talent as I do the flowers for a wedding.


I’ll report on Monday.  If I survive.


Anonymous said...

Fresh flowers + YOU = glorious.
Big job, Sam. But, we all know that you are up to it.
Just the same, best of luck.
Take lots of photos.

Apis Melliflora said...

Whether it's graphic design, interior design or floral design, you have a spot-on gift at creating a beautiful, clever, harmonious end product.

I am sure everyone will be delighted with the results.

Have fun!

Margy said...

That bouquet is gorgeous and I'm sure yours will be too. The ones you've shown us from your garden a few times have been lovely. You've got an eye for these things. I agree with Apis!

Good luck & have fun with it!

TracyS. said...

You have a talent for making things beautiful I know that you can do it!