October 1, 2012

I’m A Florist?

What a weekend.  Exhaustion.  Elation.  Drama.  Anxiety.  You name it.  I had it.

Forty-eight table arrangements.  Three large scale arrangements. Five bridesmaid bouquets and one bridal bouquet.  That’s a lot of flowers.

I’ve never taken on ANYTHING like this before.  I may have overstepped my abilities.  I was a complete wreck on Friday night after having spent seven straight hours doing flowers.

But, it all came together in a most beautiful fashion.  And have mostly this girl to thank for it:

She sat down in a basement with me all Friday night and pretty much doing whatever I bossed her to do.  Then she talked me off a ledge when, right as we were about to walk out the door, one of the arrangements completely fell apart. She worked with me ALL DAY Saturday when events took an unexpected turn.  I could NOT have done this without her. And she makes me laugh, hard. Thanks for being an amazing best friend, Nin.

The wedding was so beautiful. Here are a few shots from the day (and night before):

Shabby Chic touches everywhere, like broaches tied on burlap vases with twine.

One of the larger arrangements – white roses, white mums and seeded eucalyptus – in a burlap vase.

The “tablescapes” – baby’s breath, a low arrangement in an antique sundae bowl, candles in glass containers and a photo of the happy couple.

All the low arrangements lined up the night before.  Man, I feel tired just looking at this.  {hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace, mums, roses, seeded eucalyptus and curly willow}

My favorite large arrangement – it’s a little wild, a lot of lovely – hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace and curly willow.

And here it is at the reception before the food hit the banquet table:

Hopefully  more pics to come.  I didn’t get any of the bouquets because I was in emergency mode by that point.  But I know the wedding photographer and I’m hoping he got some good shots.

I learned a lot.  Mostly, that doing something for someone else brings blessings.  And that having a good team is very important.  And that I don’t want to be a florist because I still want to love flowers.

Happy Monday!


Ronalin said...

Love you my sweet friend! I had a blast and was able to watch my friend share many of her God given talents, you are so capable and gifted in so many, many ways!

Aiketa said...

I'm amazed Samantha!!! This flower arrangements are so beautiful... but I imagine how stressful it must be to prepare all the flowers for a wedding. You are so talented!!!

I guess though that having the help of your friend was really handy.

I hope to see more photos of these beautiful flowers!

Apis Melliflora said...

You two ladies were rockin' the bridal floral world! So fresh and pretty. Also love the burlap + vintage jewels!

But my most favoritest part is Ronalin and her devoted service to you, Dragonfly.

Maybe a flower should be named after her.

Sue said...

Beautimus! But I think I started getting heart palpitations just reading about this... Enjoy a less-stress week!

The Queen Vee said...

I'm proud of you, you did an amazing job and really helped a friend out...did I say how proud I was of you? It's worth repeating.

PS...I'm glad you have such a good friend, she is equally as amazing as you. I love you both.

JulieB said...

WOW! You two are impressive, these look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! You are extremely talented and have an eye for beauty. But as the saying goes, do not make a career out of your hobby or it too will become work! but you are seriously talented!