September 26, 2012

She’ll Be A Butterfly …

But yesterday we added another layer to her cocoon.

For the girl we call Hannie B, the B stands for BRACES!

Maybe that will keep the boys away for a few more years.

Her older brother was kind enough to scare the pants off her with tales of how awful it is to get braces on. She was a nervous wreck on her way to the orthodontist.  Luckily, the doc is a friend of ours from church and he was able to make my girl laugh a little and stop worrying so much. 

Boy, she had it out for her brother when she got home. Why are big brothers so mean?  {Feel free to chime in here, Christopher Carlson}

She’s been wearing mascara since Christmas.  This year for her birthday we’ll take her to the makeup counter at Nordstrom and get some instructions on how to do eye shadow and eyeliner without looking like a clown. She’s already so lovely, freckles and all. 

My girl is growing up.  She’s super sassy.  But she’s also very sweet.

You’ve just got to love that new metal mouth!


The Queen Vee said...

There's no stopping time, the girl is growing into a woman. Fortunately for her I always consider everyone younger than me to forever be a girl.

Hannie B, keep those teeth clean so that when they remove those braces you'll have the prettiest and straightest pearly whites ever.

Aiketa said...

I was going to comment about the mascara! Wow, I'm surprised... Maybe I shouldn't be, but since I don't even now wear mascara in a daily basis...

She is sure growing!!! And I think she is so beautiful, even with braces!

The photo above is so great, I like it so much. Specially her many freckles and eyes+eyelashes.

Apis Melliflora said...

My teeth ache a little just looking at that picture! But the girl wearing them is a glowing beauty who just keeps getting better and better inside and out.

Big brothers of the world, be kind to your younger sibs!

jd said...

I think she looks DARLING! I don't know that braces would keep any admiring young man away, sorry! :)

(I'm pretty sure that the six years of braces I wore from 6-12th grade didn't keep me a total outcast... mostly :)

My 15-year-old niece just got her braces off and I was actually pretty sad about it. She looked so cute!

Hannie B, you are gorgeous and I feel your literal pain. Braces aren't fun, and can really really hurt. But they are so worth it!