August 13, 2012

Collected …

I don’t know when it started. Probably when I was in Fifth Grade.  My mother gave me a small porcelain box.  It sat on my bedside table and held really important things, like a one pfennig piece, a CTR ring or a tiny picture of Michael Jackson cut out of a magazine {don’t ask}.

In Middle School I acquired a few more porcelain boxes.  They sat on my desk and held earrings, necklaces, and spare change.  They were dainty and feminine, some with beautiful flowers on top, others with a gilded edge.

Over the years, my collection grew.  Isn’t that what collections do?

When I married my sweetie, I’m sure he wondered why on earth I had all these small porcelain boxes for.  It’s really just because they are so lovely.  The thought of having a tiny place to keep something special really makes me happy.

Now my collection of porcelain trinket boxes is on display in a glass cabinet in our main floor bath.  It’s the only place I could think to put them where I could enjoy them but my children wouldn’t destroy them.

How about you? Do you still have a collection from your youth?


The Queen Vee said...

From my youth no, but trust me, I've made up for it in my adulthood.

Kernal Ken said...

The Carlson motto: If it's worth collecting a few, it's better to collect a whole lot more.

Apis Melliflora said...

From my youth, no. I was too busy buying clothes, make up and accessories. But now, estate sales are my candy box for collecting.

Ronalin said...

Do Barbies count? And yes, I still may have them.

Aiketa said...

hahahahah I love Ken's comment about the Carlson motto!

Your small porcelain boxes are cute, it's great that you have found the place where to have them but also that are protected from little hands.