August 14, 2012

Summer Love: Family Adventuring …

Last night we had a family adventure.  It involved frogs and binoculars, hiking and birds, a picnic and an eagle’s nest. 

Our head adventure boy was RedDog, armed with all the tools to aid us in spotting birds and bugs.  The adventure was for him, after all – another dot on the map towards becoming a Bear Cub Scout.

It was a glorious evening for hiking!  The humidity and heat were all but gone.  The cicadas were out and loud enough in combination to drown the ringing in my ear. My kids were miraculously getting along.

Even Owlie, who I worried would be a whiny burden, enjoyed the hike, albeit from his father’s shoulders much of the time.  He was the first to insist we do it again because it was “awesome”!

As these last days of Summer break wind down for us, I’m so grateful for time spent together with my little family. 

A thorough tick check upon arriving home – no ticks found – and we declared our adventure a great success!


The Queen Vee said...

Out in nature in Virginia with the family and no ticks taking a fancy to you....yep, I'd call that a successful evening.

Aiketa said...

This are my kind of evenings... It's great that you all had such a great time going on an adventure together and also that no tick came back home with you! :D