July 12, 2012

A Confession …


This is my big brother.  You know, the one who takes all the great pictures.  I blatantly stole this picture off his Facebook page and I don’t even feel bad about it. Don’t worry – he won’t be mad at me. He loves seeing his mug on my blog.  If anything, he’ll be mad that I didn’t pick the picture where his quads looked the biggest.  Love you, bro.

I’m confessing something today.  It has to do with this picture.

I don’t know know how to ride a bike.

Okay, that was a lie.

The truth is at this time of year I quit watching all TV except for one thing and my big brother is to blame.

It’s the Tour de France, and I am a complete addict.

Every night you’ll find me and my Hubby curled up on the couch cheering on our favorite professional cyclists as they ride hundreds of miles a day up and down insane mountains and across the flats of France for three straight weeks.

It is intense.  There are horrific crashes.  There is a hierarchy and set of rules that must be followed.  There is an entirely new vocabulary you must know to understand what is going on. It is one of the greatest {and toughest} spectacles in sport.

And there are awesome British commentators whose velvet voices could make reading the phone book sound good.

Yeah, I pretty much love it to death.

So there you have it. I am a closet cycling enthusiast. I will mourn the day the Tour ends.  Unless Cadell Evans wins again. Then I’ll be really, really happy.

How about you? Have you ever watched “Le Tour”?

And how excited am I that the Olympics start a week after the Tour ends? SO EXCITED!


Apis Melliflora said...

I mourn the fact that we don't have cable at times like this. But we've decided we're going to invade the grandparents' house at a moment's notice to get our fix.

Anne said...

I have watched it a few times, but. I'm by no means a loyal fan. Fun fact, I don't know if he's racing this year, but I wentwithstood from k-12 with Dave zabriskie, who once wore the yellow jersey in the tour de france. He's like my claim to fame.

Anne said...

Dang auto correct. I went to school with Dave zabriskie.

Sue said...

Caught some Tour action at the hotel last night. My favorite is when Phil Liggett says, "bih riduh". How 'bout that Jens Voight? Everytime they mentioned his 40 year old age (like everytime they said his name) I thought of Chris out there tearin' it up on the streets of 'ol Viginny!

TooTall said...

I am not into sitting on the coach watching sports. I would rather be participating in them! Although, I did watch Wimbledon, but only while I was spinning in the basement!

At the end of the month I will make an excpetion and watch some of the Olympic events.

Anonymous said...

Olympics are as far as my sports enthusiasm extends. But I'm glad you've found something that brings you joy. You deserve it!

Aiketa said...

hahahahhahaha "there are awesome British commentators whose velvet voices could make reading the phone book sound good." Loved that line!!!! :D

Le Tour reminds me of my childhood and one of my granparents. At my house, and probably at any house in Spain, every Summer during nap time there is Le Tour on our TV. All the men in my family have been great fans... but I've never like it that much.

Here after Le Tour ends, we have Il Giro (the Italian version) and then at the end of Summer, La Vuelta (which is the Spanish version)... so as you can see we have cycling competitions all Summer long.

The best thing for me about Le Tour is the landscape, specially during the mountain stages. So beautiful!!!

I am also really looking forward for the Olympics! :D