July 15, 2012

Can We Talk About This?

It has to be said that wearing underwear really is ideal when it comes to tool storage.

It also has to be said that this is my baby wearing underwear and I’m still in shock as to how that happened.

It’s been a busy few weeks for my boy.  He’s still working through saying goodbye to his pacifiers. He doesn’t want to take naps because he misses them so much and they aren’t there when they should be. Consequently, evenings are a ridiculous cryfest.  Every night at bedtime has been a struggle. He falls asleep under his bed because he doesn’t like being in the bed without his pacis. It makes me feel sad, frustrated and really guilty.

Then out of nowhere he decided to wear the underwear that’s been sitting in his drawer for a month.  I’d bought it in anticipation of potty training him in August.  But now we’re going with it.  I’m not going to lie – it is sketchy.  He loves the underwear.  He also loves peeing on my carpet through the underwear.

I think I’m too old to potty train a child.  I might hire a professional. Let me know if you’re interested.

All this to say that my baby is making changes. Changes that make him seem more like a boy and less like a babe.  It’s hard. And great. And hard.

And today he turns THREE.  Happy Birthday Owlie.  You’ll always be my baby.

PS. Update: This morning he woke up, did the BAD ONE in his underwear and ate half a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread while his dad was getting ready for work and I was still asleep. Awesome, no?


Apis Melliflora said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Owlie! You are keeping your mom on her toes...as usual!

christy said...

Nothing cuter than a toddler in big boy undies. Love it. Good luck with the training.

Sue said...

Happy birthday, Naughty Bird!

MelancholySmile said...

Oy. I think I'm too old for potty training as well. Send me referrals when you find a good proffesional. ;)

Meaja said...

Happy Birthday lil man about town! Something to try with the potty biz: since he's little and willing to try, put the port-a-potty on the kitchen floor where he's playing. Make it EASY access. (this worked for one of my kids in a one day) I'm NOT an expert nor looking forwarding to having to do it one LAST time with my baby soon. Good luck and have a great day Owlie!