July 10, 2012

For Susan…


This is what it looks like when a surprise 40th birthday vomits on your kitchen table.

My sweet friend Susan turned forty at the end of June.  A group of us conveniently decided to be busy, sick or otherwise engaged on her actually birthday so we could shower her with love a few days later with a party. She was very surprised. I love it when a good surprise actually gets pulled off without a hitch.

I was asked to decorate and decided to go girly, girly since Susan loves pink.  I didn’t get any pictures of the actual party, but instead snapped this one photo of my table about a half hour before I left to go set it all up.

I sat in my basement the week before crafting all sorts of paper flowers while watching North & South.


Susan and I both LOVE cupcakes.  Of course cupcakes were offered at the party, so I made a sign as part of the décor and for Susan to take home afterwards.


Along with the cupcake sign and flowers, I had a few funny forty-year old quotes for everyone to enjoy:


We all decided that instead of buying individual gifts for Susan, we would go in on a reading chair for her room.  Everybody put their cards in this antique bird cage which I frouffed up with the millions of hair flowers Hannie B has stashed in her room. It was lovely!


I’m so glad I was asked to be a part of planning Susan’s party. She’s an amazing friend and I hope she knows how much I love her!


Susan said...

Thank you for making my 40th birthday so wonderful!! The decorations were beyond amazing and made the evening that much more special. I am grateful that I can count you as one of my dearest friends. Your talents never cease to amaze me! You are the best.

Susan said...

By the way - I was able to get my reading chair from Ikea the very next day :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Reading chair as a gift? So awesome!

Your decorations were pinkalicious!

Lauren said...

I LOVE all the decorations for this party! What a fun idea. And I love that you watched North & South- it's a favorite of mine. :)

Bells said...

You are such a sweet and generous friend, the decorations were grand!

The Queen Vee said...

Simply fabulous!

Aiketa said...

A party with The Dragonfly's decoration... is automatically a better party! You always manage to do it so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

I want to be you when I grow up. The decorations are perfect. How do you come up with such fabulous ideas? I'm planning a baby shower. Want to plan it for me?