February 28, 2012

Oh How I Heart A Theme …


There is no hiding the fact the I get giddy when somebody carries off a theme to perfection.  If it’s clever, beautiful to look at, punny and fun, I am a SUCKER.  So when this birthday package arrived on my doorstep earlier this month, I pretty much soaked in its fabulousness for nearly an hour.

My friend Jennie Doezie is impressive in many ways. But her birthday gift – all about being “imPRESSED” by me took her creative status to new levels.

It all started when she was here visiting for Christmas and realized I was living in the Stone Age because I didn’t own a garlic press. I have used this new gift no less than twice a week since getting it. I am in love.


Next was quick dry nail polish in “Sonic Boom” for when I’m pressed for time.  I’ve used it and so has Hannie B. The color definitely says ‘Look at me!’ The presentation . . . yep, I die.


Chocolate to calm my soul.  As of this posting, this gift has been devoured by me and me alone. I’d like to publicly thank Trader Joes for blessing my life with this scrumptious treat.


I’m not usually under a lot of pressure, but that didn’t stop me from eating this monster candy bar.  I did share it with Owlie, though. Good times.


While Jennie was here we had panini sandwiches. I want to do better with my waffle iron though.  This book should help!


And my absolute favorite part of this package – these clever and hand screen printed cards designed by Jennie for me to give to friends when I take them meals or goodies.


I am still smiling when I look at these pictures.  Thanks Jennie,for making my birthday so special.  And thanks for sticking to a theme. You’ve proven that you’re a pro!


Apis Melliflora said...

Clever, clever clever.

I love a good play on words.

I was relieved to see the gift had nothing to do with ironing.

Aiketa said...

Beautiful present and so awesomely presented with all the cards and everything! She is talented too!

Now I feel bad for when you receive my package it won't be that awesome... :(

But I hope you still like it.

The Queen Vee said...

That talented clever Jennie D she sure knows how to put the PRESSURE on the rest of us. What a fab gift to receive and open....you deserved it.

Kasey said...

That is really cool! She is very talented.

jd said...

I love you :)