February 28, 2012

Cannot Get Enough Of …

This snack.  It’s been my lunch every day for the past week. It is healthy, packed with veggies and protein, has just the right amount of crunch and makes me happy to look at because it’s so colorful. And it also happens to be very, very tasty.

When I add in these chips from Costco {ooh, look, they contain QUINOA!} and a large glass of water, I feel pretty darn good about myself.

Here’s what you’ll need to make yourself a large batch of Cowboy Caviar:

1 can black beans
1 can black-eyed peas
1 can shoe peg corn
Drain and rinse the three cans of ingredients

Dice the following and add to the above:
2 bunches of green onions
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
3 Roma tomatoes
cilantro (optional, but essential in my opinion)
1 packet Good Seasons Italian dressing (Mix according to directions, do not use Zesty)

We love this with chips, but have found it is also really great on tacos, fajitas, burritos and enchiladas. Many recipes for Cowboy Caviar also include avocado, which I do LOVE. But I don’t usually include it in mine when I make it because I like this to last for about a week in the fridge and I can’t stand brown avocado. If I want avocado in mine, I’ll chop some up as I’m eating it and add it in.

YUM. You should make this if you have a party coming up. Or if you’re hungry. Or if you want to pretend you’re a cowboy? You can thank me later.


Tobi said...

Sounds and looks amazing. Beautiful photo Samantha! I am trying to make better choices when eating and this recipe fits the bill!

The Queen Vee said...

Cowboy Caviar= yummy.

Blogger's new commenting format is weird, but must get used to it. Don't want to be a luddite.

Tracie said...

YUM!! Been staring at my recipe list to pair down to a "healthy list" for the coming months as I try to slim down. This one is at the top - well, an almost identical favorite recipe that uses two juiced limes and cumin rather than the seasoning packet. I know I'll love your version too! I made it as one of the Tex Mex dips served after Easton's baptism and it was such a hit I didn't get any :)

Aiketa said...

As I was reading your entry, I was thinking that I've eaten that in California on a burrito. It was good!

(I would eat without the peppers though, I really dislike them!)

I'm with The Queen Vee, this new format is so weird!

Apis Melliflora said...

I feasted on this yummy stuff for an entire week once. I completely agree on the avocado.

And it's so colorful. Any plate would say to this Cowboy "You complete me."

AllisonK said...

we make something like this without the red pepper, but it's something I will have to add. I agree it's delicious!!

Bells said...

I leave out the peppers and put in some black olives- love it!

Kasey said...

Yum! Can't wait to try this, thanks!

jd said...

Okay, this is why we are soul sistahs! (yes. I wrote "sistahs". ) For the last two weeks or so? this was my lunch, dinner, whatever, for at least five of those days.. Mine is with blackeyed peas (not Fergie), corn, Roma tomatoes, cilantro, and yes- AVOCADO- :) but it doesn't get brown because I squeeze some lime into it! (to give it a kick) and the dressing is a teensy teaspoon of olive oil, some red wine vinegar, garlic, hot sauce, and salt and pepper... and I add some cumin... but really the flavor is just the veggies etc. and it's soooo good! I eat it with shredded cabbage as a salad! Mmmm I want some RIGHT NOW...