February 29, 2012

About My Boys …

Life in a two girl/four boy house is hilarious.  One day I’m dealing with a drama queen who’s bawling her eyes out because a boy shoved a note in her locker, the next I’ve got a boy with a sliver the size of a small tree branch lodged in his arm from playing football outside.  Extremes, people, extremes. 

Today it’s all about my boys.

This first picture has done me in forever. It’s my Hubby cooking THE dinner, also known as Brinner. {As in THE ONLY DINNER HE COOKS}.  But he’s doing it with my baby in his arms. And my man is wearing an apron.  And I am clearly not cooking. I find the whole thing rather sexy.

Next up we have Big C.  His team is going to the championship game again this year and he has been playing like a madman. Except this year there’s something different.  My boy has arm muscles.  When on earth did that happen?


This brotherly bonding moment is brought to you by the Berry Smoothie at Costco.  Four stinking grams of fiber in that bad boy.  And they figured out how to share it AT THE SAME TIME without my help.  Parenting success? I say yes!


Here’s Owlie getting his haircut by my darling and talented friend Michelle.  I love this picture because even though he is sitting rather still, he is COMPLETELY terrified! You can see it in his eyes.

Another round of freezer paper T-shirt success. This time for RedDog and his best bud Chris.  They wanted matching BYU shirts for Twin Day at school. They loved it! I think I will be making many, many T-shirts.


And last, but certainly not least, I thought everyone would enjoy a shot of this:


I made him shave it all off. My strategy?  Convincing him that his six very long chin hairs were detracting from his arm muscles and his “fuzzstache” was catching the light in weird ways that made him look shiny.

Arm muscles and facial hair?  Seriously, someone has got to help me.


Kernal Ken said...

Electric razor or blade?

Apis Melliflora said...

Is big C taller than me yet? I know he only had an inch or two to go.

Owen broke down when he read that Harry Potter was shaving, so I'm not going to tell him the news about Big C.

The Dragonfly said...

Kernal, electric, of course. I'm not ready to let the boy put a blade to his face just yet.

Apis, yes, he is taller than you and still growing!

Kelly said...

What sweet photos. :-)

I had to laugh at the last picture because that young man fuzz always bothered me and I've already made it clear that if I have a son, it's coming off!

Elise said...

I have a two girl 4 boy house too...the drama hasn't started yet...yet. Oh man, the kids don't ever stop growing, I am totally not ready for all of that. However, I know it's not too far off my oldest turns 10 tomorrow. waaa!

Lori said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Welcome to my LIFE!!!! Wait till he's kissing girls :-) OH yeah baby...it just gets better and better :-)

The Queen Vee said...

I love your guys, that apron looks FAB on the hubby.

Must confess though that I never noticed the peach fuzz on Chris just like I don't notice the wrinkles on my own face. Must be my age...aging eyes.

Growing up is want you want to them to do and your guys are doing it very nicely.

The Queen Vee said...