August 4, 2011

Summer Is Perfect For: Kid Movies!


Sometimes a Virginia Summer means it’s just too hot and humid  to play outside. This Summer has been off the charts in the heat department. Occasionally when everyone is hiding from the heat by staying indoors, we have to close the curtains and blinds to darken the house, cook up some buttery popcorn and put on a movie. 

I got these great popcorn containers in the dollar section at Target. They make it feel official.  I try to keep some Dum-Dum lollipops or licorice on hand which puts the movie-watching experience right over the top for the kids.  Then we put on an oldy-but-goody, like Star Wars or the Princess Bride.  Who doesn’t love something sweet, something salty and a good show?


brendag said...

We have those same popcorn containers. I love them. On the rare occasion when we all go to the movies I take them along, get a large popcorn and fill up all our containers. I think it's much better than trying to pass a large bucket and a whole lot cheaper than buying 6 small popcorns!

Apis Melliflora said...

Hello cute pillow.
Movies are a great cool downtime activity.

Kernal Ken said...

Movies, kids and popcorn......a perfect combination on a hot summer day. That Red Dog is a cutie!

Kernal Ken said...

The above comment is from me not the Kernal.

Kasey said...

Movie time is the best!! Usually means I get some quality snuggle time with my kiddos too!