August 3, 2011

Paris, Anyone ?


{Photos courtesy of Jaclyn Peterson}

I recently joined two friends in throwing a bridal shower for a young woman I truly adore.  She’s not a fussy gal, so a simple shower was in order, but we still wanted to make it memorable and personal.

Our bride to be spent a semester studying abroad in Paris and is majoring in French, so we decided a little Parisian flair would be  perfect for the shower.

I headed up the décor by sewing up some garland, rounding up a few Eiffel Towers and crafting some whimsical flags to label our crepe bar ingredients – in French, of course! We added some frilly details to the flowers with ruffled tags that included a French quote about true love.

We enjoyed crepes, quiche, croissants and cheese.

An understanted shower, but so much fun. It was a simple, simply lovely day for a very lovely bride-to-be.

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Anonymous said...

Even understated your shower is beautiful! I love your creativeness. I wish I could live your imagination for one day. I bet it would be an inspiring spot to be.

Aiketa said...

I think it is every girls dream to have some sort of party organized/decorated by you. At least, this is true for me.

Apis Melliflora said...

Bien fait, Libelulle. J'aimerai gouter un bout de cette quiche

The Queen Vee said...

Ooh la la, Parisian chic right in old Leesburg,lucky bride to be and guests too. I love me some quiche.