May 17, 2011

Garden Gifts: A Small Gesture?

A thank note I received from a friend recently said, “Thank you so much for what you did. That one small gesture meant such a great deal to me.”

We don’t often know how the small things we do affect other people -- holding open a door for a mom with small children in tow, smiling at a cashier and actually engaging in conversation with him/her, sending a quick note or email to say these simple words: ‘I was thinking about you’.  None of these things take time or great effort from us, but they can leave a great impression on the receiver.

Today I cut three very small and simple blossoms from my yard: the  tip of a dogwood branch, a small rose and a cluster of yellow perennials I have growing in a pot.  I put them in vintage apothecary bottles no larger than the size of my hand and attached a small sentiment to each one. Now they will go to people I love in need a lift. The ten minutes it took me to do this could make someone’s day better.  Worth it? Yes indeedy.

It doesn’t take a whole bouquet of flowers to make someone feel special.  Sometimes a single little flower can be its own grand gesture.


Apis Melliflora said...

Beauty in simplicity. My favorite kind.

I just heard a flowering branch tip: smash the cut tip of the branch with a hammer {I use a meat mallet on a cutting board} before putting it in water. The branch should soak up water more effectively and last longer.

MelancholySmile said...

I love this campaign you're on to uplift women. It's been a joy to see your creativity, and it has certainly inspired me to look outside of myself and act on any small promptings I feel to do something for someone else.

ps- wish I had a dogwood branch! That looks beautiful!

The Queen Vee said...


Christa said...

love it, love it. You always have such great ideas, thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those great bottles? I love your mission to uplift women everywhere. Keep going lady!