May 20, 2011

Garden Gifts: From Lowly to Lovely . . .

Funny story for commenter Sparcam who said, “Anyone up for a sand and cactus bouquet?”:

When I was in high school I went to a Winter Formal dance with my brother’s best friend. He was Italian, good looking, hilariously funny and just like another brother to me. We would be doubling with my brother and his six foot three girlfriend.

I got all dolled up in my black velvet and teal taffeta dress.  I spiral curled my hair.  I put on my frosted nail polish and lipstick. It was the 90’s, baby, and I was rockin’ it.

When the boys came to the door to get us, my brother placed a lovely wrist corsage on his date’s arm.  Then my date handed me a small cactus in a terracotta pot and said, “I thought this would stick to your dress better. You know, no pins needed!”

There was a lot of chuckling and a little bit of embarrassment on my part, but then he pulled a dozen red roses out from behind his back and I felt like a complete princess!

The point of this story is this:  he gave me A CACTUS!!!!! And I have never forgotten that moment even thought it happened some twenty odd years ago! So, my Arizona friends, grab a cactus and make it work!

Today, just to prove that even the most humble offering from any yard can bring somebody joy, I’ve created this little lovely with a handy printable for you:

It took me all of five minutes to make.  You’ll need a rock from your yard, some Modge Podge or white school glue and some craft store glitter. 

First, pour a sizable amount of glitter into a bowl or onto a paper plate. Then, paint the rock, covering it entirely with Modge Podge. Next, roll the rock in the glitter making sure to cover all the surfaces.  My rock was round and smooth, but if yours isn’t – make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies.  When it’s dry, affix it to the printable with a dab of hot glue and drop it off to a friend.  She’ll smile. You’ll see.

You can download the printable here.  Have a great weekend. And I should probably remind you that you really do ROCK! 


Apis Melliflora said...

Oh, my kids will be all over this magic rock making project.

This might be my favorite one...just because of it's sheer simplicity and unexpectedness.

Right back at ya: you rock!

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

So I am sitting here on a conference call and read your post. I can just picture Edwin giving you a cactus and I laughed out loud. I disrupted the call, but could not stop laughing because that is so him! Thanks for sharing, you brightened my day with that story!

The Queen Vee said...

Fast Eddy, funny Eddy, charming Eddy, clever Eddy, hadnsome Eddy, Edwin Rocks....the best part is, he's still a good friend.

You ROCK too with your clever posts and projects.

Sparcam said...

That is a riot! Actually, some of my fovorite bouquets have included cacti!

As far as the project for this week...I have decided to do some of these because making someone else's day lifts me up too. Your ideas are pumping some creative energy back into this tired mom! Thank you Sam!