May 16, 2011

Garden Gifts: A Birthday Bouquet . . .

I’m so grateful my friend Angela’s birthday falls in perfect alignment every year with the blooming of most of the flowering plants in our yard.

It’s a chance for me to pretend I know what I’m doing with flowers {I don’t} and usually results in a wonky and haphazard display of foliage that I presume to call a bouquet.

Mostly I just stuff things in a vase until I can’t fit any more in, varying the heights and colors until it looks decent-ish. I slap a bow on that puppy and call it good.

Angela has humored me for the past four years as I’ve shown up on her doorstep bearing blooms from my yard. She’s never complained about the ants and spiders that come with the flowers.  She’s good like that.

In this year’s bouquet: irises, rhododendron, wisteria, knock-out roses, peonies, Shasta daisies, hosta leaves & curly willow branches.

Do you have anything fun growing in your yard that you could throw into a vase and take to a friend in need of a cheer-up?  You’d be surprised.  Tomorrow I’ll show you how even the smallest garden cutting can have a big impact.

Happy Birthday Angela!


Apis Melliflora said...

We're doing that twice this week!

All the kindergarteners have been asked to bring a flower from their yards to make a teacher bouquet.

Then, on Sunday, members of the church are bringing yard flowers to decorate tables.

You have a wonderful selection of flowers! We still have wisteria, azalea, bleeding heart, and dogwood. No free standing flowers though.

Sue said...

Dried twigs in southwestern Wyoming aren't nearly as purty as your east coast flowers!

The Queen Vee said...

Grass, I have grass growing.

AllisonK said...

If your day job doesn't work out ;)
I think you have a career in flowers.

Sparcam said...

I am envious...I want foliage! Anyone up for a sand and cactus bouquet?

tktakesphotos said...

Dandelions. The rose bush has a few buds but nothing has blossomed yet. It's been rainy and cold here.

TracyS. said...

Irises, peonies, shasta daisies, hosta and lavendar (although the last two aren't blooming yet)petunias, clematis, geraniums. But I need someone like Angela who doesn't mind lots of ANTS in her bouquet before I give them out.

Burton's blog said...

I am so jealous of beautiful spring flowers, but so happy to see you putting your lovely garden to good use! The pictures alone brightened my day!