April 28, 2011

Give Your Teacher A Hand . . .


Teacher Appreciation Week continues here on Compound Eye!

Our school has a day where the kids can bring in some school supplies to replenish the stocks that are depleting since the year is almost out.  A few years ago we sent in glue sticks.  This year, we’re sending in the other teacher must have: dry erase markers.

I traced my own hand on cardstock and cut it out.  Then with double sided tape I affixed the markers to the hand and the tag to the markers. I’m super crafty like that.

Your kids could decorate the hand with nails, polish, rings, etc. if they wanted.  I prefer a cleaner look and will probably just have the kids sign their name on the hand.

Our teachers sure work hard. Don’t they deserve a hand? If you’d like to download this printable, you can find it here.


The Queen Vee said...

I'll hand it to you Sambolina you are one clever crafty chick. I bet the teachers are thinking the very same thing.

Tobi said...

Our teacher appreciation week is next week. Thanks for all the great ideas to help our teachers feel special!!

Apis Melliflora said...

Nice job. Simple but clever and clearly useful. One thing I really like about your school district's T.A.W. is that the suggested gift items are so practical. There's no "Bring a ceramic mug day," right?