April 29, 2011

An Ode To The Royals . . .

queens dish1

Have you been up since 4 a.m.?  I have not. I’m DVRing the Royal Wedding and will watch it after I volunteer at the school this morning. My sleep is too important to me.

But earlier this week my mom {the other Queen} and I hosted friends at a High Tea in honor of William and Katherine. These particular women are part of a little experiment I started back in January.  The goal of my “experiment” was threefold. First, I wanted to create a regularly scheduled situation where I could associate with female friends to help me with my “lack of friends” issue. Second, I wanted to eat great food and share recipes in a sort of cooking group style. And third, I wanted to showcase some of my mom’s multiple sets of amazing dishes acquired over many years of living in Europe and thrifting in the United States. With these three ideas in mind, I approached my mom who agreed to host in her gorgeous home each month. And thus, The Queen’s Dish was born. This High Tea was our fourth meeting and I am already declaring this experiment a resounding success!

It was such fun to see all the ladies showing up in their hats, tiaras and jewels for a night of delicious food, one of a kind china, laughter and chatting. The assignment for the Dish this month was to bring a recipe fit for a tea.  The ladies did not disappoint. 

Neither did the Queen.  She pulled out her very remarkable sets of “Sammeltassen”, German for collector’s cups. Each set consists of a dessert plate, a saucer and a tea cup and no two sets are alike.  The German women used to collect these sets to impress their friends when they had them over for tea.

My friend Angela had just returned from a trip to England.  She provided fabulous British décor for our High Tea as well as the requisite reading – A Hello! magazine with all the details of the Royal Wedding. She also made our Tea official with shortbread and Twinings tea, appointed by the Queen herself.

Another Dish diva, Michelle, made a wedding cake which proudly boasted an antique cake topper from the Queen’s stash.

I have to admit, we really did eat like Queens! Enjoy some photos from our tea.

queens dish2queens dish3


I’ll be posting more about The Queen’s Dish in the future. It’s been really neat to collaborate with my mom on this. Thanks Queenie.  You rule.


The Queen Vee said...

What a morning, what a glorious wedding and gorgeous Happy Couple. What a feast we had mid-week, sure wish I had a few of those scones to eat right now. I'm glad you came up with and organized our splendid group of cooks and friends, it assures me that I once a month I'll eat like a queen.

Apis Melliflora said...

I just love everything about The Queen's Dish. It seems entirely fitting that in its inaugural year, the royals would wed.

Wonderful pictures.

You look gorgeous in your hat, by the way.

Laura said...

That looks like so much fun! I DVRed it as well (my husband was up all night with food poisoning, so I don't think I'll be watching it today).

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

So what do I have to do to be invited into this amazing club?? Because that looks awesome! I'm so sad I wasn't there.
If I get to come, I promise I'll do the dishes. :-)

Sue said...

Oh man, I would have loved to come to your tea! I am very amused to see Americans just as crazy over the royal wedding as all those Brits. My friend Zoe's sister sent me a postcard from London with a picture of HRH Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton. Very posh!

Aiketa said...

That is so so fun! You always have great ideas!
The wedding was beautiful. I loved the aston martin drive with the balloons. And they really make a great couple.