February 8, 2011

Love Week 2011: Saying I Love You . . .


Oh My Goodness! Remember last year when Ollie looked like this? Love!

I have to say, reading your “I Love You” stories has been one of my favorite blogging moments so far. I loved every single one of them and found myself thinking "Awww! They are the cutest couple ever!”, or feeling joy at good friends who share “I love you’s” or laughing because you told a boyfriend in KINDERGARDEN! 

This much I know for sure – love comes in so many forms and we all need to feel it, to know someone feels it for us.  I really do love those three little words, “I Love You”. They have such power to build us up.  Say it to someone today, won’t you? And then find ten other people and say it to them too!

I’ve only told three people {aside from family} that I loved them.  Looking back, the first was more of infatuation and I really didn’t know what love was.  I was young and naïve and he was super good looking.

But the second person I told, I really meant it.  And then he made me these cookies. And I probably told him again after I ate five of them.  I don’t regret saying it.  It was how I truly felt at the time. I recognize now that he was my first love.

Now, however, I am eternally bound to the person I love the very most.  Never mind that when I first got up the courage to tell him I loved him, his reply was, “Thank you.” My sheer determination to make him realize he loved me back has paid off in the kind of blessings and happy life a girl could only dream of. As we read your love stories together, I couldn’t help but lean down and to my Hubby whisper in his ear, “You may not be the first person I said I Love You to, but you are the last person I’ll say it to.”

Thank you for sharing your stories.  I’m very happy to tell Jessie that she has won the February Giveaway!  So quick, Jessie, send me your mailing address.  I want get this lovely package off to you today.  And, old friend, I hope you know that I do love you!


Audrey Carlson said...

Congrats Jesse! You're a lucky girl to get these lucky treats!

Apis Melliflora said...

I love you Dragonfly!

Same as yesterday. Except today is different.

Today is your birthday.

I love you especially today.

Good job to our parents for making such a keeper.

squeezeme said...

Happy Birthday day dear friend! I hope you are surrounded with all the love you deserve!

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! And very nice post today !!!

Lori said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Samantha Dear
Happy Days will come to you all year
If I had a wish, then it would be
A Happy, Happy Birthday to you from me! LOVE YOU COUSIN!

Anonymous said...


Kernal Ken said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Samantha!

Must say, based on reading Apis above, that we love both our daughters very much.

However, Apis, to our great regret, was a "loser, weeper" for us before, by a miracle she and God created together, she became what she should have always been — a "finder, keeper."

Having both daughters back together is wonderful. We are truly blessed. Jus' Sayin'.

The Queen Vee said...

Congrats Jesse, hope you like to iron.

I LOVE YOU Dragonfly, Happiest of Birthday wishes and many, many more.

Kasey said...

Cute pics, I do remember it. Congrats to the winner.