February 9, 2011

Love Week 2011: Fuzzy Socks


The first half of my birthday was brilliant!  I spent it visiting some special women I really enjoy and then having lunch with a dear friend and her cherub of a baby.  We laughed and ate yummy food. I read facebook birthday wishes and opened cards and gifts from far away friends. Like I said, brilliant.

The second half was miserable. It began with chauffer duty to piano and basketball, was followed by frozen pizza, middle school orientation (snooze) and a sad attempt to open presents and feign happiness for my kids whilst my stomach churned,  then it ended with me on my knees in front of the toilet taking a mental inventory of all the things I’d eaten: japanese udon noodles with broccoli, mushrooms and chicken, cookies, a few hersheys kisses, that darn frozen pizza, a clementine and salad.  Then I opened my mouth and . . .

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t the best birthday ever. There is a homemade chocolate cheesecake sitting in my fridge untouched. I didn’t get to see my Hubby hardly at all. And now I’m going to curl up under my heater blanket in my fuzzy socks and go back to bed.

Getting old is lame.  But I do love my fuzzy socks.


Apis Melliflora said...

I'm sorry, so sorry. You poor thing.

I have to go with Smartwool socks in the winter or my tootsies lose sensation. But I have a crush on fuzzy socks. They're like stuffed animals for your feet.

Bells said...

I'm so sorry you were sick on your birthday. I'm sick too, and I have company coming into town today and a mutual activity tonight that I can't miss. I am in my pj's still and my warm slippers and I want to go and watch a movie or read, but I need to clean and make lasagna! I hope you can rest some today. Get well soon.

Aiketa said...

Samantha, I'm so sorry that you wasn't feeling well on YOUR DAY! No one should be sick on his/her birthday!
I hope you are feeling better and get well soon.

Thanks to you I know what it is to feel fuzzy socks on my feet... it's just perfect!

Get well soon!

AllisonK said...

What a miserable end to your day!
Hope you can get a good book in today while you recover.

Angelique said...

Ummm I think you deserve a redo when you get feeling better of the second half. Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

Oh Gosh, what a bummer! Hope you have a better day today and feel well enough to eat that cheesecake, yum and get to see your hubby!

Burton's blog said...

I'm sorry to hear your birthday ended on a sour note, but happy for your warm little toes. Take a page from my hubby's book and insist that you deserve a birthweek. You have many more chances to celebrate that way!

The Queen Vee said...

Angelique is right, redo Birthday coming right up tomorrow.

"Stuffed animals for your feet," ha ha...I like that description.