March 12, 2010

Something Special...

I'm blogging a little bit later than normal today because I had a little appointment with a friend this morning.  Oops, I'm sorry, I meant to say I had an appointment with a little friend this morning.

My four and half year-old buddy Ella came to see me, much to Ollie's delight.  We've been planning this for months.  A few weeks ago Ella's mom had a new baby and Ella was dethroned as Queen of the House.  I feel her pain.  I've been dealing with it for 31 years {but really, my baby brother is awesome}.

Ella has me wrapped around her little finger.  She calls me 'Sammy' in her tiny elf voice and I suddenly want to buy her a puppy and balloons and a cone with three scoops of ice cream.  I cannot stand it, it's that cute.

So, in an effort to make her feel extra special while lots of attention is being paid to her new baby sis, I invited her over for a playdate today.  On the agenda:

We made a butterfly picture clip and a crazy mask to hide her identity when her siblings come home from school today.
American Girl Dolls.
We dressed and undressed them all while Ollie screamed happily. He's crazy for the American Girl scene.

We painted her nails a perfect shade of bubblegum pink.  Then I told her we would do Ollie's for laugh, but she reminded me that he's a boy.

Angelina Ballerina.
We watched two short episodes.  Man, I love a mouse with a British accent.

A Tea Party.
We munched on little heart shaped PB&J sandwich flowers with carrot and cucumber stems. 

We enjoyed finger trays of fruit snacks, goldfish and pretzels and drank lemonade.
And we called strawberries, blueberries and a Samoa the grand finale.

She enjoyed it all with this $1 lovely atop her head, making her feel like the Queen of the House once again and I sent her home with a little present for becoming something I have never been:  A Big Sister To A Little Sister.


Ollie and I both thought it was so fun to have a little princess in the house!

Don't forget to scroll down to yesterday's post and leave a comment for the March giveaway, which ends Monday at 5 pm EST.  The Spring banner is toying with my emotions.  It's really, really cute.  Cute enough that the Hubby asked, "Are you really going to give that away?"  I might have to make another one this weekend.

Have a Great Weekend


The Queen Vee said...

Going from Queen to Princess isn't all bad, less responsibiltly and you can look for the perfect Prince which is so much better than a King.

Ella was one lucky little girl to have such a deluxe playdate with you and Owlie. You totally gave her the royal treatment at your Princess Spa.

FYI...You've been a big sister to Matt, did you forget?

Anonymous said...

You are the best Sammy, I love you! Thank you for the tea party. I love you a lot. I liked when we played together and with Oliver. Thank you for he crown, I still like to wear it.


kmorin said...

Where in the world do you muster up the energy for all this? You just amaze me!

Apis Melliflora said...

Pretty plates and treat! Perfect for princesses big and little.

Tobi said...

Talk about the royal treatment! I'm sending my own princess right over.

AllisonK said...

Parties are amazing things at your house, even small ones.

TracyS. said...

This has to be the sweetest thing I've read in a while. I am sure Ella had princess dreams that night!