March 14, 2010

I Do Have Three Other Children . . .

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I recognize that my infant son is getting prime billing here on the blog.  He and I are together a lot.  And he's changing so fast that I don't want to miss it. And then there's the fact that he's darn cute and pretty much irresistable.

But I do have three other children who are rockstars in my eyes.  Here's what's going on in their lives:

Big C
Life is good for the preteen.  He just finished up a great basketball season.  He's mastering geometry and keyboarding.  He's hanging out with friends. And baseball has begun, so he's in his element.
Hannie B
My girl has so much spunk I often end up spunked out at the end of the day!  She's knee deep in the Little House on the Prarie books and TV series.  She's loving her new pink basketball.  She's the master of Just Dance. She's out in the backyard with RedDog making little fairy houses with leaves and pinecones. And softball starts in two weeks.
My boy is growing up, but still has a soft spot for his momma.  I can always count on a spontaneous hug and smooch from him.  He's losing teeth faster than we can keep track.  The last two have fallen out at school which makes him feel really cool.  He's a reading and spelling machine.  And he cut his own hair last week.  It looks like this:

Just in time for school pictures this Friday.  Awesome.
And then there's this guy.  Sorry, I had to include it.


C and Co. said...

Adorable kids! Baby laughs are by far my favorite noise in the whole world.

The Queen Vee said...

Big C, Hannah B and RedDog, you are a Lee Trifecta and super duper kiddos.

Love the new do RedDog, your hair looks a lot like a haircut your Uncle C had a few years ago.....I called it "The Roman".

TracyS. said...

Love to hear how the big ones are doing. Sounds like life is pretty awesome all around.

Tobi said...

Glad to catch up with all your cute children. I'm in love with Ollie's giggle.

Apis Melliflora said...

Spring smiles on everyone and the laughter...well, that's contageous. Can't wait to see them all in person soon!

Burton's blog said...

Such a cute video! I forgot to address the eating out in my email. I remember the anxiety. That will fade with time. Eventually he will find something he likes no matter where he eats. Except maybe outer Mangolia?!?!? You have plenty of time before you have to worry about that!

Sue said...

Chris is mastering keyboarding... so does that mean the piano lessons weren't a total loss?

We love Little House at our house. I got Lily the 9 book boxed set (paperback) for $28.00 from those Scholastic school book orders.

Soren is the perfect jack-o-lantern: wacky teeth, jagged hair and lots of orange!

And Ollie, well Ollie continues to charm us all. No wonder he's getting so much coverage on the blog! Boobie!