March 11, 2010

A Happy Little Spring Giveaway . . .

I feel like this long, cold, gray winter is finally drawing to a close, its white snowy blanket slipping off the end of the bed to reveal the lovely sheets that have been hiding underneath.

Do you feel it?  It’s in the increasingly sunny days that warm the usually cold car, or on the arms of the short sleeved shirt wearing kids in lighter weight jackets heading to the bus stop.

Do you see it?  It’s on the ends of tree limbs in the form of tiny buds and blossoms.  It’s pushing up through the earth and unfurling as tulip leaves.

Do you hear it?  It’s in the sound of running water as the last traces of snow melt and make a hasty exit out of the neighborhood.  It’s a part of the conversations between birds tossed through the air from tree to tree.

Do you smell it?  It’s something noticeable in the breeze drafting through an open window.  It covers the children as the come in from running and playing outside in the warmth.

Oh! I can almost taste it, this beautiful thing called Spring.  And I sincerely hope you are able to take a moment and enjoy it as much as I am.  

I’d love to hear what it is in your little world that’s telling you Spring is near.  Leave a comment by Monday at 5pm EST and you will be entered to win the Spring banner  pictured above – a little handmade gift to you from me.

And since I’m feeling especially Springy today, a second winner will be drawn to win a set of 36 custom mommy calling cards like those shown in yesterday’s post. Your info, your choice of background photo.  And you don't need to be a mom to win!

Happy Spring, dear readers!  You are simply the best.

ps.  Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you in the comment!


Christy said...

I know spring is near because Addy has been wearing shorts for a week (somedays with a jacket), because we handwashed both our cars on Saturday OUTSIDE and went on a long walk with the kiddos, because darling little blue birds are back outside on our trees, because all my little tulips are peeking out from the ground, and because I'm not so grumpy when we have to load all the kids into the car now (because we don't have to do the winter coat and boots thing). It is SOOOO nice. I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

We had a spring teaser a week ago with flowers starting to poke their heads up and a fun bike ride. Then winter got offended by our happiness at it's departure and has been dumping snow and ice on us for a week. Grrr. I want spring back!!! Waaah!

Kasey Hunt said...

What a cute banner. So festive. I have my capris on today. It's supposed to be 60. Definitely out for a walk later. Still trying to coax Waylon out!!

Jami said...

I know spring is near because; I no longer get back into my bed after taking the kids to school. I WANT to exercise (that's huge!). And, I'm wearing flip flops with my sweats and coat, yikes! I'm sexy.
Did you make that? "I want that!"

Apis Melliflora said...

Today a fly flew buy.
The kids made mud.
I felt hot in my jeans
sitting in the bright sun.
I closed my eyes
and still felt the sun
through my lids.
The birds were singing
"Spring, spring, spring"

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The first hint of spring around here is our wheat fields are the first thing to green up. It's so nice to look out the window and see a huge pivot of green amidst the sea of brown and beige. Our tulips are also just starting to jut out of the ground. Yippee!

chocolateonmycranium [at] live [dot] come

Lori said...

I spied my Iris's pushing their little green tips through the chocolately mulch this morning in the backyard...rabbits and nests are beginning to emerge from their winter slumber ready to take center stage on my countertop! CSAPS are in full swing...and on my jog around Windsor lake, I witnessed a most beautiful sight...a bald eagle resting at the edge of the lake taking in the morning breeze! I LOVE SPRING!

Burton's blog said...

I wish I could be as optomistic about Spring as you are! I think we still have a while. Maybe I should paint a room in my house yellow and just pretend!

Audrey Carlson said...

Good thing I got a pedi with my mom for her birthday because I'm sporting flip flops today. Spent the afternoon on someone's porch while Sam played with their kids and am considering all the work that needs to be done in the yard....spring is on it's way...but I'm hoping for a little rain so I can put the yard work off a little longer.

Jessie said...

Loved the white blanket/sheets metaphor. The weather here is so fickle in spring, but the forecast is for edging towards 60 degrees in the coming days! I'll be enjoying while it lasts, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the snow. It's still very brown and I haven't seen any flowers or trees blooming, but I just got back from a little shopping and spring colors and blooms are all over the clothes! Time to pick out Easter outfits!

Emily said...

I am loving the warmer weather!!! The banner is so cute!

joan said...

I know spring is here cause I have 4 blue crocus that have bloomed and are saying Spring is coming.

Susan said...

Last night when Christina and I were walking out of Church she took a big deep breath looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said "Mom, spring is here" I smiled because I know exactly what she meant.

Kernal Ken said...

Noble Elementary School
Detroit, MI 1953
Kenny Carlson, 5th Grade

Spring is coming
I'm sure of that
The buds on the trees
Are getting fat.

The girls are starting
To rollerskate
And boys are pitching
Balls 'cross the plate.

The time has come
For the birds to sing
And that is how
I know it is spring.

Ashburn, VA
Kernal Ken, 21st Grade

Spring is coming
I think I know;
I can almost see
My grass through the snow.

The potholes are everywhere,
Wide and quite deep;
And dreams of Obamacare
Keep me from sleep.

These nightmares will pass
But soon more will be made
For as this spring arrives,
The next mess — Cap and Trade...

Apis Melliflora said...
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Apis Melliflora said...

Kernal Kenny, your poems are springtastic!

Sparcam said...

Spring is near in Yuma because it's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend! YAY

Sue said...

Longer days.
Kids playing outside.
Calving season.

Dang, I wish I hadn't gotten so lazy last fall and planted some bulbs. I'd love to see some tulips and daffodils by my front porch right about now. Instead I'll have to wait until Memorial Day to plant some flowers so they won't freeze and die.

That banner is just what I need to brighten up my Wyoming home!

Laura said...

I can tell Spring is near because the huge snow-pile that was in our backyard is now a tiny, tiny little pile. Also, I wore something other than boots on Saturday; that was wonderful!