March 7, 2010

A Cookies & Milk Shower . . .

On Friday night I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend Ronalin and her new daughter Lucy. It was a lovely and delicious evening. Lovely because so many friends came to shower a BEAUTIFUL new momma with adoration and gifts and delicious because the theme of the night was Cookies & Milk. Oh yeah, you read right, Cookies & Milk!

Instead of going into great detail, I'm gonna let you enjoy photos with brief explanations:

{Color scheme: turquoise & brown.  Not very girly, I know, but Ronalin didn't know what she was having, and it worked both ways for me.}

{Little bags for the guests to take cookies home in.}

{Part of the table centerpiece}

{Framed photos of Lucy and her momma for the table}

{Flowers ala Costco & me}


{Darling onsie banner by Ronalin's sis.}

{A little reminder that cookies are our friends!}

{Beautiful bowl from Anthropologie.}

{Cardstock garland made on sewing machine.}

{Table awaiting cookies and guests.}

{Wipe the drool of your chin - this is only the beginning.}

{Jars via my kitchen counter.  Labels via my computer.}

{The beautiful baby and the beautiful Boyfriend Cookies.}

{Cookies and milkglass.  Get it?  MILKglass?}


{Classic cookies.  Right on.}

{I will be dreaming about these bad boys for a long time.}

{It was like this, but with even more cookies.}

{Adorable baby Lucy.}

{The beverage of the night.}

Join me Monday afternoon for a top notch blog recommendation.  Any one besides me feeling like a cookie?
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AllisonK said...

WOW!!! What a lovely shower.

Alison Wilde said...

WOW--I might even consider having another baby if I could be promised a shower like that (:!! Hey, and I'm dying for your gingersnap recipe....LOVE gingersnaps!! If you get a chance will you send it my way?? HUGS

Tracie said...

What fun and how stinkin' creative cute are YOU!!! Love this and wish I could have been there to celebrate! Who knew two years ago that all four of us YW ladies would be blessed w/ lil bundles in the Lord's own unique timing. Happy dance!

Apis Melliflora said...

You and your co-conspirator are awesome. Down to the very last crumb. Thanks for the visual feast!

Tobi said...

Perhaps in all your spare time you could start your own party planner/photographer extraordinaire business. You could charge lavish fees and call everyone 'daaarrlinng'.

Jenna said...

What an adorable idea! I love this! My preggo tummy is now hungry for some cookies!

Bells said...

What a cute and classy shower! My sister had a baby on Monday, she's far far away in Texas and I am missing her. If I could have given her a shower I would have loved to have copied yours, it looks perfect! Have you ever posted "The Boyfriend Cookies" recipe, I would like to try it sometime.