January 5, 2016

A Moment ...

I blinked and the Christmas holiday and Winter Break were gone. My never ending and seemingly never met goal is to create lasting and special memories and traditions that my kids will love and draw upon during their lives. It’s ambitious and I feel like a failure much of the time, but I can say we spent nice time together over the break and everyone was happy on Christmas morning. I was tired. Tired, but happy also.

I did manage to capture one sweet moment between Owlie and his Daddy during the break. The big kids were at church activities and Ollie was rushing around the house in a crazed frenzy as he is known to do in the near-bedtime-hours.

I suggested to the Hubby that he grab The Friend magazine (a children’s magazine our church puts out) and sit down with Ollie to read for a little bit. Out of all our kids, Ollie is by far the most fascinated with Jesus, his birth and celebrating them at Christmastime.

As they read story after story, Ollie sat quietly for a long time. That is a BIG DEAL for him. The two of them basked in the glow of the tree, snuggled up together and I grabbed my camera so I could always remember their heads poking up above the couch like so.

Ollie loved a story about “Finding Jesus” where a parent would hide a Baby Jesus figure from the family nativity set and the children would take turns finding it. We got our Baby Jesus and he hid it first while the Hubby and I closed our eyes. Then we hid it and he found it. He could have played hide and seek with Baby Jesus all night long. The idea, of course, was that we all need to take time to look for Jesus at Christmastime.

I love this moment. I’m glad I was there. And I’m glad Ollie loves the Baby Jesus and his Daddy so much.


The Queen Vee said...

I love every single thing about this post. Glad you're posting again because overtime you forget these moments and feelings if they're no recorded.

LucysEscape said...

That is a sweet story. One on one time with Dad at Christmastime talking about faith. A.M.

miss doezie said...

I miss your blog :(