May 5, 2015

Thoughts On Waiting …


This little turtledove was waiting for something out on our deck today. His head kept bobbing back and forth, side to side. He was checking out the world, patiently waiting for his turn to jump into the fray.

Today I am also waiting .

Waiting for news about my dad who is having surgery at this very moment. Waiting on the Lord for blessings of help and healing to carry him through it. Waiting, but unlike the turtledove, I’m head on into the fray, life swirling around me. This kind of waiting is purposeful and unavoidable.

Sometimes I fall into the trap of another kind of waiting. Waiting for things to get easier, better, more to my liking. Does anyone else do that? Almost always when I do, I find myself disappointed, my expectations unmet, or opportunities lost because I didn’t take action at the time. It looks a little like this:

I’ll wait to contact that friend after my life is a little less busy.

I’ll wait to forgive that person until they apologize to me first.

I’ll wait to love myself more until I’ve lost that weight and fit in those clothes again.

I’ll wait to develop that talent until my kids are all out of the house.

I’ll wait to say something to that teacher until the situation has blown over.

I’ll wait and see if they really need my help, then I’ll volunteer.

Sometimes waiting is a necessity. We can’t control a situation, but have to be patient for its resolution or the timing to work out so we can proceed. Other times, our waiting is self imposed and really works contrary to our benefit or the benefit of others.

In those cases I’m ready to stop waiting on the things I have control over. I’m ready to be more purposeful and action oriented. Time is short. I don’t have to wait to do so many things.

The second after I took the picture of this bird, it shot off the porch suddenly, startling me enough that I let out a little yelp. It had decided which direction to go. The waiting part was over. I felt excited. It’s time to fly, people.


Janie said...

Sending prayers and warm thoughts for the 'waiting' times of your life. I pray all goes well for your Dad (and Mom) and that the healing time is quick. Waiting also teaches us patience - something I must work on continuously. . . thanks for sharing with us once again!

Ronalin said...

Paused today to say prayers just for your dad and family. Thanks for your thoughts, waiting can be incredibly frustrating. However, waiting allows for growth or clearer understanding at times. Living in the moment is a gift that is earned by choosing to accept what is before us. With God, all things are brighter and better. Thanks for the reminder, love you friend!

Tracie Carter said...

Loved this! Love and blessings to you and your family! So happy to read more of your thoughts lately!!! As for one of the things I'm waiting on ... if we indeed build a house here this year, I'll be wishing I had you to decorate it! Decorating is not among my gifts, but it's so yours! Love you!

Apis Melliflora said...

When waiting = expectation, procrastination or stagnation in developing ourselves, I agree, it can be more debilitating than empowering.

But we can rest assured that there's a good kind of waiting too: wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart.

We can all use stronger hearts and purposeful direction!

The Queen Vee said... many connotations that word brings to mind and soul. When you get past one waiting, there is always the next one coming right down the pike.

Right this moment I'm thinking of the Lord waiting on us...waiting for us to choose Him because He is waiting for us to request His blessings and help. He's patiently waiting hoping that we won't wait too long. He's perfect in his love and patience but if I were Him I think I might just be a bit weary of waiting.

Sue said...

Texted with your mom this morning and she sent me a gnarly picture of your dad's tongue. He's a tough old bugger!

There is a difference between waiting with patience and waiting with dissatisfaction. We have to be strong enough to choose the better way.

Sue said...

P.S. Lovely photo of the bird! I love the hint of blue around his eye.