May 7, 2015

Scientific Theory …


I don’t have anything monumental to write about today. Just a random thought that’s been brewing.

A few weeks ago our Bishop came by to visit us. I had cut some pink flowering dogwood branches and put them in a pitcher of water in the family room where we sat talking. He commented on how beautiful they were. Then he said this: “Have you ever looked at something like that dogwood and thought to yourself there’s no way the universe, the Earth, everything in and on it just is because of some scientific explanation?”

I looked at the dogwood flower, thought of all the different flowering blossoms I’ve been photographing this Spring and immediately KNEW the answer in my heart and mind. God made this beauty for us to enjoy. God is responsible for the flowers. He created them for our pleasure and joy. For MY joy.

Of course, I believe He used scientific procedures to accomplish His creating. I believe He uses laws and order to do all things. He is a being of order. He is a being of creativity. I marvel at His creations. This Spring has been a great blessing to me in respect to loving and appreciating the glorious handiwork of God.

I’m so grateful I have this knowledge. It is so gratifying to walk or drive around, admiring His creations and giving thanks for them in my mind, in my heart and out loud as I pray to Him. As my heart fills with gratitude, I find that I am able to see and appreciate even more of what God has made for me.


The Queen Vee said...

No one can surpass the touch of the Master's hand. We are truly fortunate to be able to enjoy so much of His creativity in our present surroundings.

Apis Melliflora said...

The abundance of flowers are cool water for parched eyes. Thank you God for the beauty of the earth and for seasons to remind us that blooms will come, that our eyes and souls will be refreshed.

On the science front, I just read somewhere that the act of looking at blooming flowers has been shown to measurably reduce stress in the beholder.

Stressed? Go take a power flower walk, then bring some of those blooms indoors like Dragonfly!

Sue said...

I have been drinking in the beauty of our valley as I'm out biking or jogging. I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful place, to hear the frogs croaking and the birds singing, to see the earth beginning anew for another season.