May 12, 2015

Then & Now …


Every once and a while Quite often I find myself in a bit of a mental freak out due to time, how fast it’s flying, how much things are changing and how I have no control over it. I just want to slow it down so badly, making it possible for me to truly savor every moment I have with my children at home and my parents living nearby.

For Mother’s Day I had only one request this year: I wanted a nice picture with my kids. As the mom who wields the camera around these parts, I am rarely in any of the photos. So we grabbed the tripod and headed down to the wooded path in our neighborhood. We took about thirty minutes worth of photos, and let me tell ya, there are some GEMS.

But as I came back home to look at the pictures and came across the one above, there was something that felt very familiar about it (see below).


In five years time, I guess not that much has changed after all. I feel better already.


The Queen Vee said...

HAHAHA...Isn't it great, even though things change in many ways they still stay the same?

Sue said...

Oh my word! That was a funny, funny end to a photo shoot! Glad you kept the bloopers!

JulieB said...

Kids look older, you haven't aged at all!