May 11, 2015

The Sabbath Is A Delight …


Part two of our family home evening was spent reviewing Elder Russell M. Nelson’s talk from General Conference, The Sabbath Is a Delight. (click for link) It was such a great talk to end conference and one we needed to hear!

We all agreed that though we keep the Sabbath holy in respect to worshipping at church, not frequenting places of business or doing many of the other things we do during the week like sports or hanging out with friends, we could all work harder at making the day more sacred by what we do in our home.

We each committed to doing two things on Sunday after church that would bring us closer to God and family.

Samantha: Interview children and record personal histories of kids on Family Search, including audio and photographic files. Read/study the next week’s Relief Society and Sunday School lessons.

Travis: Do Family History work (ie. indexing). Continue to do personal interviews with the children on Fast Sundays.

Chris: Work on indexing project. Spend quality time with family.

Hannah: Read the New Era magazine. Learn to play new hymns on the piano.

Soren: Read two chapters of the Book of Mormon. Work on Family History with mom or dad.

Ollie: Spend meaningful time with family. Avoid whining and screaming. (trust me, this would really help our Sabbath out a ton.)

By doing these things, hopefully we will find more joy in our Sabbath and see that it continues to be a day set apart from the rest of the week for specific purposes. Elder Nelson put it beautifully when he said,

“What did the Savior mean when He said that “the sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath”? I believe He wanted us to understand that the Sabbath was His gift to us, granting real respite from the rigors of daily life and an opportunity for spiritual and physical renewal. God gave us this special day, not for amusement or daily labor but for a rest from duty, with physical and spiritual relief.”

I am happy to report that the past two weeks of Sacrament Meeting have seen marked improvement by the children. I have gotten more out of the meeting and feel spiritually fed. I will let you know how the second part goes after a few weeks of trying it out.


Apis Melliflora said...

I need to do better about keeping the Sabbath holy and resting. I tend to catch up on household chores, hardly resting from my labors. Thanks for the reminder!

The Queen Vee said...

I feel bad about the lawn situation yesterday which could easily have been handled by me today.

It's good to set the example for Papa.

Sue said...

Amelia has started FaceTiming with Grammie and having a Q&A session with one of those "Grandma, tell me your story" books. She is learning lots of family history and bonding with her grandmother. It's awesome!

TracyS. said...

Great ideas for keeping the Sunday a holy day. I hope your efforts are continuing to bless your family.