May 16, 2014

Confessions and Wishes …


Today’s a good day because I feel like writing. It’s going to be free form and crazy. Bear with me. Random thoughts will begin spewing . . . now:

  • I haven’t washed my hair in five days. That may seem gross, but my sister-in-law who’s a hair dresser assures me it’s not only good for my hair, but also awesome for getting good styles. All that dirt holds product, curl, and whatever else I want to do to it well. Cheers to dirty hair!
  • It rained so hard last night, all night, that I couldn’t sleep. I was part annoyed, part enamored. The sound of rain pounding outside and on my roof makes me feel so cozy and happy. It is soothing to my soul. And today everything is so green I can hardly stand it.
  • Owlie is starting to say the most lovely prayers. He thanks God for Jesus Christ, the Gospel, our bodies that can do amazing things, and of course starts every prayer with thanking Him for our family, food and friends. The three F’s are super important around here!
  • My oldest took his first AP test yesterday. In July we will learn whether or not he’s earned college credit. I’m crying right now because I just wrote a sentence about college and my kid. WAAAAAAAA!
  • The sweet Hubby is telling his company of five years today that he is leaving. It’s a big and exciting change for our family. I love that man something fierce! He works so hard.
  • I did nothing yesterday but read a book. Give the Lunar Chronicles a try if you like young adult fiction. Or if you like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel or Snow White. Or if you happen to like aliens. Marissa Meyer is the author. Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress are the books.
  • I’m on day 54 of this “Bikini Body Mommy” exercise regimen. I’ve missed only one day. I have surprised myself. I think the Hubby is surprised too. I have 36 more days and then I am going to start it again. I like it because it’s FREE, I can do it at my house and the only equipment I need is free weights and an interval timer. Last night I ran 1300 stairs. That was the entire workout. BOOM!
  • I am loving roasted broccoli, sautéed zucchini and anything involving peppers right now. I am trying to embrace veggies. We are even growing some zucchini out back and it’s looking good so far.
  • May has been the month of trips for me: a quickie to see my sister in Ohio (therapeutic), a girls weekend in NYC (the most exhausting kind of fun), and next week our yearly jaunt to the beach in Delaware for Memorial Day.
  • Laundry is the devil. It never ends. I can’t keep up. I love folding, hate putting away. My kids throw every single thing into the dirty clothes. Sometimes they throw perfectly clean laundry I’ve folded and put on their bed right into the dirty clothes. Help. Me. Please.
  • Here are a few things I’m wishing. I’m wishing the gray hairs would stop growing on my head. I’m wishing my kids will do well finishing up the school year (18 days). I’m wishing Owlie never ever stops coming in to snuggle me first thing in the morning. I’m also wishing he’d learn to wipe his own bum and ride a two wheeler. I’m wishing for blue skies and pollen to be gone. I’m wishing my time with my brother’s family wasn’t short lived before their impending move to Utah. I’m wishing happiness and peace to you all today!

And that’s what I felt like writing about today. Here’s my boy making one last wish (notice pinkies up)!

ollies wish


AllisonK said...

I adore your lists.
AP tests are killers… the waiting… but the end results are always wonderful. It completely eliminated Whitney's freshman year and helped her get into the upper classes she needed.

I will have to look at your exercise regimen. I have started my own and it feels wonderful to be active again.

Laundry… nothing more need be said.

I have the Lunar series sitting on my shelf, but my Samantha said there is going to be another book? I hate having to wait.

Apis Melliflora said...

The list posts are some of my favorite too because those posts are like little compound eyes --so many facets/perspective to make one beautiful hole. Too bad 5 day old laundry doesn't work the same way as 5 day old hair.

Apis Melliflora said...

Ah, the beauty of multiple typos.



Aiketa said...

The random thoughts posts are also one of my favorites too. I get a glimpse of different things going on in your life. I like it! :)

I love Ollie! He is the cutest! I could imagine him saying all those sweet prayers.
I think I should check that workout plan. I've been exercising frequently too since I came back. And I like it! And also, I've been keeping planking too, even though not every day.

P.S. I've been such a bad commenter lately... :( Sorry.

TracyS. said...

thanks for the list!
Best luck with your zucchini- my all time fav.

The Queen Vee said...

Randomness becomes you.

TracyS. said...

Forgot to say: best wishes with the new employment! Sounds like an adventure.