April 18, 2014

Working Together …


This is one of my favorite pictures I captured this past week while my in-laws were here. It is a picture for the ages! This picture shows something that is so dear to my Hubby and me – working hard and working together.

Our neighbor’s kids had outgrown their very nice wooden playset. They were ready to get rid of it and asked it we wanted it. While we couldn’t fit the entire playset in our yard, we figured we could use the climbing fort and slide section if we detached it from the swingset portion.

It was not a simple task! It involved dismantling and moving the set across the street into our yard and then rebuilding it. It took an entire day. It was such a happy thing for me to look out into the yard and see my sweetie working right next to his Dad.

His Dad is the man who taught him how to work hard. Now my Hubby is doing everything he can to teach our sons to work hard. The load always seems lighter when we’re working together.

My father-in-law is a great example of hard work. He spent his whole trip here checking items off a little “honey-do” list I’d made. He told me he wanted to get them all done so I would know how much he loves me. I definitely feel loved! And this picture looks like love to me.

I’ve been light on posting this week, but I hope you’ll join me back here on Easter Sunday for a little inspiration.


TracyS. said...

I love that picture!
Moving a play set from yard to yard is hard work!

Emily said...

I wish I knew what it felt to be loved like that. I'm not sure you know how good you have it both in your husband and and your father-in-law. One lucky lady you are!

Apis Melliflora said...

Thank goodness for that fort. Helped Hugo survive not trampolining!