January 16, 2014

He Made It Happen …


Dearest Darlingest Hubby,

Thank you for making our trip to New York City happen. It was your idea. You are brilliant like that.

Thanks for pampering me and the girl child with an upgraded suite in the hotel and a most delicious dinner in Soho our first night in the city. I am still thinking about those noodles. Thanks for saying yes to gelato and vendor pretzels and roasted nuts and a Broadway show. Thanks for letting me and her split the cheesecake while you basic licked the fork at the end. You are a spoiler, you are.

Thank you for taking us to church and to the 9/11 Memorial. I’m so glad we at least got to share the most sacred parts of our trip with you. I’m glad that you were with me at the one place in the city where I couldn’t help but cry.

Thanks for working so hard always, but especially while we were in the Big City. Your daughter kept saying, “This was so nice of Dad. I wish he was with us right now.” I couldn’t agree more. Your hard work made this trip happen.

Mostly I want to thank you for the opportunity to spend this really special time with her. It means so much to me. I will never forget it. I hope you know how grateful I am. I hope you know that Hannie B girl truly ADORES you.

I love you very much. You are the most remarkable man.

And I think you make a totally hot New Yorker in your all black. Just sayin’.

Love, Your Dragonfly

PS. Do you know how rare it is for there to be a picture of the two of us together? Me likey!



TracyS. said...

Your hair looks awesome in that picture.
Kudos to your Hubby for spoiling his special girls.

TracyS. said...
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The Queen Vee said...

Yeah, I really love that crazy redhead too. He's a great man. I'm glad you got the chance to take this little trip and bring such a fun girl to share it with.

Apis Melliflora said...

That was a very thoughtful gift, Mr. Hubby! Nicely done.