January 21, 2014

A Force For Good …


For the past month I’ve been taking a picture of Hannie B. every day in the same spot on our back porch before she goes to school.

Weird? Nope. Because it’s all part of a project she’s been working very hard on. And I am so, so proud of her for doing it.

A few months ago she and I started talking about Instagram and the things girls choose to post there, like selfies with duck faces or selfies where they try to make the absolute ugliest face possible.

And I asked her why? Why do they do it? She couldn’t say.

I then challenged her to find a way to use Instagram for good. Find a way to use it to lift other people up, to make them feel good about themselves,  to inspire them.

She took my challenge and has really run with it. Her first idea was to post an inspirational quote each day based on a scripture or from the past and present prophets and apostles from our church. She either finds quotes that have already been created with cute graphics and fonts or creates her own.

After about a month of doing that, with great feedback from those following her account, she launched a new project with a little prodding from me. She decided to post a month of cute, modest outfits to help her “followers” see that you CAN dress modestly and still be fashionable.

She is pretty tired of butt shorts, mid-driff baring crop tops, skin tight black leggings and tank tops. Aren’t we all? I am sick of society and media making young girls feel like they can only be beautiful if they’re sexy and wearing less clothing.

For her select choir concert this winter, all the girls were asked to wear a black dress or skirt that had sleeves and came to the knee. We were pleasantly surprised and set about finding just the right outfit you see in the picture above (skirt, blouse and shoes at Target). Hannie B. was excited to sing with her fellow choirmates all dressed in modest clothing.

That didn’t happen. The dress code at her school is blatantly ignored by students and blatantly unenforced by staff. It’s okay though. My girl felt great about herself and looked like a million bucks without having to show off every bit of her body.

The positive response she’s gotten on Instagram from this project has been overwhelming. She feels good about the choice she’s made to dress modestly. She hopes other young girls see that you can be cute, stylish AND modest.

She’s using social media to make a difference instead of just to make a goofy face.

I love this girl so much!

Here are a few more shots from her month of photos:





Apis Melliflora said...

What a fun & creative project! And how empowering for her and for those she inspires!

Darci said...

What a wonderful example she is.

LRae said...

Hannie B looks great everyday! I'm inspired and I'm 60! Seriously, it is shocking the way some of these young girls dress. Good for Hannie showing there is another way.

TracyS. said...

Way to go! What a confidence boosting project.

The Queen Vee said...

Hannie B, you have rocking style. With your good values, a great sense of style and your desire to share both with others you are the perfect package and a BIG winner in my book.

JulieB said...

Too cute! Love how she can be stylish and modest.