December 2, 2013

This Funny Boy …


It’s getting cold here. The kind of cold that rattles my bones, sends me running for my fuzzy socks, and makes my whole body dry up. I keep lotion and Chapstick at the ready all the time now.

My little Owlie boy is struggling with the dryness in the air. He’s been licking his sweet little lips like crazy and no matter how much I tell him to stop, he just keeps on licking. It’s gotten so bad he has a permanent red, chappy ring around his mouth.

It is not attractive.

I’ve been slathering his face with Aquaphor every night before he goes to bed. Do you use Aquaphor? I love that stuff! I am in no way getting compensated to say that. Just me, loving on a product that works for our family.

I put it all over my dry heels then throw on socks to go to bed at night. In only a few days my feet are soft again. Dry spots, chapped cheeks, split hands, cracked feet, you name it, we put Aquaphor on it!

The other day we were getting ready to go to school and I told Ollie to go get the tub of Aquaphor so we could put some on his sad little mouth before heading out the door. He came down stairs looking like this and proudly proclaimed, “You don’t need to do it Momma. I did it myself.”

That’s pretty much where we’re at these days. He’s so big! He spends hours playing Legos in his room. He walks around the house singing the actual words to real songs. He says his prayers without help. He sets and clears the table. He empties the shoe basket. He learned how to play Go Fish the other day. He was so excited!

It’s hard to let go of the baby parts of Owlie. He is THE. LAST. ONE. But it is also really great to watch him grown and learn new things. He’s a fun and funny little fellow. He’s my best buddy.

He still needs me to wipe his bum, so I guess I’m not out of a job just yet.


Apis Melliflora said...

We're with you! Last year, each kid got his/her own tub of Aquaphor. All but one was gone by the end of the winter. One of the three munchkins is moister than the other two. Moist, eew.

The Queen Vee said...

I can tell that Ollie is growing at a rapid rate — he has begun to get the basic load of Lee Family freckles.

The Queen Vee said...

I think Dad made the above comment. Not only is he growing freckles but he's following his Papa Ken's example when it comes to handling chapped lips.

So happy to read he still needs your for the really important job.

TracyS. said...

We've been reaching for the Eucerin and Cetaphil- one tub of each. My eczema kids have their preferences after all. I haven't tried Aquafor but thanks for the recommendation, maybe I will. While I hate what the weather does to skin, I love what good lotion can do!

Bink said...

CeraVe. Best stuff ever. Last winter was the first time in over 18 years of living in Colorado I didn't have dry scaley patches of skin that crack and bleed. It's not greasy, it soaks in wonderfully and leaves my skin amazingly soft. Buy it at Costco to get a reasonable price. (It's at the pharmacy counter. It's non-prescription, but that's where it is.) Very thankful to a dermatologist who told me to throw everything else away and to just use it.

Bells said...

Love when they do cute "big" things for themselves! We are vaseline fans around here, I have recently started using Aquaphor for some things and I like it too!