December 3, 2013

Little Happy Things …


I’m pretty much in love with this December. I know, I know, we’re only four days in, but I can’t help myself.  There’s something about this December.  Here are some things that are putting me in a super happy place right now:

1. I actually got about 90% of my holiday shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving. There are people who do that every year. I’m more like the people who say they’re going to do that but never do. I did a majority of my shopping on line. Now I get a big smile on my face everytime the doorbell rings and I find a package on my doorstep.

2. I am wrapping presents and putting them under the tree as they arrive. It is probably going to drive Oliver completely batty. He has asked me every day for the past three days, “Now can I open my present?” Not yet, baby. Not yet. It makes me happy to see presents wrapped and under the tree all month long.


3. Pandora radio set to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas station. I’m a purist when it comes to Christmas music. Please don’t be offended when I say that I am not a fan of pop artists and their holiday albums. I also loathe songs like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” that have nothing to do with Christmas. Can. Not. Stand. This Pandora station gives me choirs singing the glorious news of the Savior’s birth, and you know what? It makes me feel the Christmas spirit big time. (are you checking out my other Pandora stations? One Direction is for Hannie B. Yeah.)


4. Our advent calendar. I grew up opening the finely glittered windows of a German advent calendar each year. There were no toys or candy. It was simple and I looked forward to the countdown until I would open the window that had a picture of a tiny baby Jesus behind it. I couldn’t find anything like that for my kids, but was surprised to find a countdown calendar at the grocery store that had a picture of the Nativity on it. Yes, there is chocolate, but it’s the picture of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that makes me happy.

5.  The prospect of baking. With no shopping to do, I’ve got time on my hands to BAKE! I love holiday baking. I’m excited to make caramels and chocolate dipped peanut butter balls. I need some Ginger Snaps in my belly like yesterday. I’m going to enlist my favorite girl Hannie B. and we’re going to start baking this weekend. Happy, happy tummy!

6. Fresh greenery. I was a little dismayed when I went to Costco to get my live wreath and they had sold out on DECEMBER 3RD. That is a first. But I did get my fresh garland for our door and the smell of it is still in my car. Ten years ago I ditched my faux garland and wreath for the front door and I’ve never looked back. I love the smell, fell, and look of the real deal and their prices can’t be beat. This stuff will stay on my door through mid-January. It’s my way of justifying an artificial tree.

7. The prospect of being home for Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong. Last year was probably the most unforgettable Christmas we’ll ever have. We were on the beach. In Hawaii. It was hot and sunny. We were with our Grandparents. It was a dream. But the old adage is so true – there’s no place like home for the holidays. I think I love my home during the holidays best of all. It’s double cozy. We are all doubly kind. And we talk of Christ more often. That really makes me happy.

What about you? What’s making you happy this Christmas season?


Apis Melliflora said...

3 things that are making me Christmas happy:

1) the children's pageant at church on Sunday
2) a new silver/gold/neutral tree in our house
3) Advent calendars especially our teeny tiny book ornament one that tells the story of Christ's birth.

The Queen Vee said...

I love this post because you love all those things.

I love Jesus.

December is a really stressful month for me. Sad to say I don't enjoy a lot of it.

Tracie Carter said...

Posts like this make me happy in December! I seriously wish I could decorate my home and for the holidays like you. Your style always feels like a fresh breath of air to me. My decor and shopping are still happening but a new big calling is keeping me from being able to dig in.
As for my favorite Christmas things:
- Doing our magnetic advent calendar of the nativity I found last year.
- Christmas markets!
- I love serving in Primary because our Sharing Times this month feel like the best sort of advent countdown! It's been shaping how I bring Christ and his mission into our home this season.
Thanks for the Pandora station tip! I feel much the same on Christmas music but I do love some of the modern artists' renditions of religious classics. Love you!

TracyS. said...

Love the Christmas post. Decorating the house with my family was a fantastic time. I love that my kids can really work together to make it happen!

Bells said...

I haven't tried Pandora, I need too, but I do have a ton of tunes in Itunes we listen too. I like your choices of music, but I do like Bing and Elvis and Bebo Norman too. Once in awhile I like Baby it's cold outside, reminds of my favorite part of the movie, ELF. I CAN NOT abide Mele Kaliki Maka or Feliz Navidad though!!!