December 29, 2013

May Your New Year Sparkle & Shine . . .


It’s been healthy to take an extended break from writing to focus on my family during the holidays. I love concentrated family time. In order for it to be meaningful, I need to put all other distractions aside.

Our kids have only a few days left until they head back to school (on a Thursday – weird!). New toys and games have been enjoyed, oodles of cookies consumed, much sleeping in has occurred, giggles have been heard throughout the house.

Meanwhile, I will continue shaking my head that it is 2014. How did that even happen so fast?

For the next few days I’ll spend some time giving thoughtful consideration to what I can do better as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and disciple of Jesus Christ. I’m always grateful when a new year comes around so I can reflect on what I’ve done well in the past year (not enough) and what I need to improve on (a lot). 

I’m also going to don this beautiful sparkly headband my mom gave me for Christmas. It’s just shouting “New Year’s Eve”, don’t you think? Where will I be wearing it? Why to my mom’s house, of course, where I will consume delicious food and sit lazily in front of the fire with my SIL Audrey, watching Ryan Seacrest while taking breaks from working on an impossibly hard jigsaw puzzle.

That’s my New Year’s Eve every year, people. I know, I’m living on the edge.

Happy New Year! I’ll be back on Thursday when my peoples are in school.


The Queen Vee said...

2013, why did you happen at warp speed? As I look at 2014, it seems to be starting out that way. The only thing that won't happen quickly is that evil Peter's puzzle.

Apis Melliflora said...

We're spending New Year's Eve with our long time friends, Chris and Laura. Dinner out and then an adventure. Not quite sure what we'll be doing, but sure to be fun!