November 4, 2013

This Is What Fourteen Looks Like …


Help me Rhonda!

Those braces come off in just two months.

Her freckles are fading.

She’s headed to her first church dance this Saturday.

I can’t stop time and she’s growing up.

I will now go into my bedroom and cry.

But first, a quick story.

Saturday night she took a big baby sitting job. Three kids, one only twenty months old, for six hours. The family lives in the neighborhood next to ours, so I felt confident she’d be fine. I sent her off with my cell phone and told her to call me if there were any problems.

The call came at 8:35.

She was sobbing uncontrollably. I began to panic the minute I heard her voice. She was completely freaked out.

She had put the kids to bed and then gone to let the dog out back per the parents request. It was dark out. The dog never came back to the door like he was supposed to. After almost ten minutes, she went out back to find him and the door swung shut behind her, locking her out of the house with the kids still inside. She could see my cell phone sitting on the table right on the other side of the glass.

Oh, sweet girl!

After praying, crying and talking to the “dumb dog”, she determined that she’d have to climb over the fence to see if the front door was magically unlocked. It was not.

She then went crying to a next door neighbor’s house. That neighbor checked all the windows. Locked. They then went to another neighbor’s who had a key. Phew.

That’s when she called us.

I ended up having to drive over and spend the next hour calming her down.

Why am I sharing this story? For two reasons. First, she is so responsible and she absolutely did the right things to get out of a tough situation! I am so proud of her. I would have been just as big of a mess – probably even now, not to mention when I was fourteen.

Second, she called me. She needed me to calm her down and tell her everything was alright. As a mom who is watching her kids grow up right before her eyes and WAY TOO FAST, that was such a peace to my soul. I went over and held her for a long time and just let her cry. Then we did dishes together and ate candy. It was just what we both needed!

I love being a mom to this crazy awesome girl. She is my hero. Fourteen is going to be great.


Ronalin said...

You are so beautiful Miss Hannah, love you girl!

TracyS. said...

what a girl! What an awful situation, but she did just right.

AllisonK said...

What a sweet girl! This happens to the best of us and she handled it beautifully, tears and all. 14 is a great age!

Apis Melliflora said...

Hannie B handled that like a pro! She could write the Babysitting Handbook chapter on improvising and doing what it takes. Yep, that would've made me panic at 14, 24, 34. I'll stop there. You get the picture.

The Queen Vee said...

Gorgeous girl with a big heart.

I would be crying if that happened to me right now.

She handled it well and told the parents what happened when they got home, that took courage.

Honesty and integrity in a 14 year old is an amazing thing.

Love Hannie B.

Apis Melliflora said...


I also have to say that you have professional photography skills.

Picture of Hannie B - stunning.

Sue said...

Gorgeous girl, great photography!

Tell Hannah that when Lily was about 1 1/2 I took the dog out and didn't realize the door was locked. I couldn't get back in but luckily the blinds were up so I could talk to Lily at the window. She wasn't strong enough to turn the lock. so I ended up having to call a locksmith. And I was a 28 year old mother! Stuff happens, you just learn to roll with it. Way to think on your feet, Hannah!

Aiketa said...

I think my reaction would have be the same... such stressing situation. But she handed it pretty well!

Oh, and I can tell you that me, being almost 26 years old, I still need my mom's advice and help on many things. Moms are the best and some one always needed in ones life. s

Aiketa said...

Oh, and I agree with Apis, your photo skills are so professional. And Hannah is so beautiful!