November 26, 2013

School Photos Gone Wrong …

Ollie had school photos taken a few weeks ago. I’m not really into school photos. Posed kids in front of a cheesy back drop never looks natural to me.

I’m about to show you why I didn’t buy any of Ollie’s photos. I’ve taken photos of a few of the proofs for your viewing pleasure. Don’t question the legality of that move. I have no intention of using these photos for anything else EVER.

Photo #1 (aka The one where Ollie doesn’t know what to do with his hands . . . or his teeth, apparently.)


Photo #2 (aka The one where Ollie stars in a Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy commercial – cue the heavenly skies and flowering meadow.)


Photo #3 (aka Welcome into someone else’s living room where Ollie is a giant and his head is twenty-five times the size of the door knob)


Photo #4 (aka The one where they threw a scarf on Ollie, handed him a styrofoam snowball, and then threatened him within an inch of his life if he didn’t look really excited)


Picture #5 (aka The one where Ollie actually looks the most like his cute little self, although I still didn’t buy it because they wanted $45 bucks for a dinky package.)


Please tell me your kids don’t do well with school pictures either. I haven’t even shared the story of Big C sneaking a Mr. T sized gold necklace to school to wear in his 3rd grade photo. Didn’t buy the photos. Totally should have.

If you are smiling right now, I accomplished my mission. Happy Day before Thanksgiving!


brendag said...

Not just smiling, tears rolling down my face! So funny!!! I haven't purchased school pictures in 11 years. For all the reasons you mentioned!

Thanks for a good laugh!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

Bwaaahaaahaaa! I always buy school pictures even though I can take a much better one. It just seems like a rite of passage. I've had to do retakes in the past because they were really bad, but I'm starting to think that I should have just kept them. I love looking at my less-than-perfect school pictures from when I was a kid.

Nikki said...

So true about school photos! We never buy them either.:)

TracyS. said...

Funny captions!
I totally would have bought the Mr.T ones. Priceless!
I rarely buy school pictures. This year, I decided to and have sent half back for retakes. We'll see how the second round goes.

Apis Melliflora said...

I love the bad ones.
I buy the package every time.

The styrofoam snowball one takes the cake.

The Queen Vee said...

He's cute despite the silly background set ups. Good idea passing up on buying them and besides, now you have all these grainy photos of the school photos….that's good enough.

Ronalin said...

Hilarious, you cracked me up! I think Ollie was a perfect model, love that kid. One of my favorite posts.

JulieB said...

Awesome! He looks so cute, despite the hilariously cheesy backdrops.

Bells said...

really funny! What is with the backdrops, you'd think they would have improved from the Olan Mills era, guess not! Ollie is adorable!