September 19, 2013

This Project Bugged Me …


Forgive me.  Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. The puns come and I have to roll with them. This project involved bugs, but didn’t really bug me. Hee hee.

Back in May my friend Cathy gave me a perfectly preserved dragonfly she’d found in her yard. It sat in a tiny box on a shelf in the kitchen until last week when I decided it needed a place of prominence . . . in our main floor half bath.

Sadly, while attaching it to the mat board, the dragonfly’s fragile tail snapped. It was just too brittle after months in the box. I was really mad at myself. Then I realized, it didn’t matter. I wanted to keep it because I am also an imperfect Dragonfly. It’s a great reminder.


Even though his tail is snapped and there are parts of this bug that aren’t so pretty, look at his glorious wings. I marvel every time I see a dragonfly’s wings.

There are so many parallels between me and this bug – the good, the bad, the delicate, the broken. And only a loving God could have created us both, me and the dragonfly, with glory and love.

This little project was supremely satisfying to my soul. Thanks Cathy. And thank you, God, for making Dragonflies.


PS. Bathroom paint color is Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware. Butterfly is from my Aunt Linda.


The Queen Vee said...

I would be bugged about the tail breaking too, but as usual you saw the glass half full and a great analogy instead of just being bugged.

Well done DF!

Apis Melliflora said...

I think your insects look fantastic. A perfect compliment to the Silver Sage. Dragonflies, butterflies and spiders...what will you find next?!

JulieB said...

Beautiful! Those wings are amazing.

Aiketa said...

Two weekends ago I went to visit a friend who is doing her pediatrics residency in a little city two hours south of Barcelona. It's almost the Southern part of Catalonia. Near that city there's Ebre river delta (a huge wetland area) and we rented bikes to move around the area. There were many dragonflies (smaller than the one you have), I've never before seen that many dragonflies together. Of course, they made me think of you and I tried to take a nice picture for you... But I didn't get any nice photo to share.

I like both the butterfly and the dragonfly you have on display!

The Ebre river delta wikipedia entry (in case you want to check what I'm talking about):