September 18, 2013

Going Cuckoo …


Now that my Owlie is in school three days a week I am trying to crank out all of the small projects that piled up all Summer. There are many!

First up was making a little dream come true for my Hannie B. We are on a constant quest to make her teen girl room quirky and fun without having to vomit bright pink, purple and zebra stripes all over it.

I pinned an image of a painted cuckoo clock for her to look at awhile ago. She fell in love. Only problem – we had no cuckoo clock. I have never seen one in all my garage sale and thrift store bargain hunting days. Apparently people who have cuckoo clocks are devoted to them for life.

I knew I had a reliable contact I could put on the job. Her name is My Aunt Linda. My Aunt Linda is THE FINDER. She finds great stuff for amazing deals all the time in her home stomping grounds of Denver which is rich with thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. I sent her an email to keep her eyes out for a cuckoo clock.

On our drive out to Utah this Summer we stayed a night in Denver with Linda and her husband Lynn. She sadly reported that she had no luck finding a cuckoo clock. I was disappointed. Miraculously, the next morning one of her sale buddies called to tell her she’d just hit an estate sale that had a cuckoo clock!

I did a little begging with The Hubby, knowing that going to the sale would push back our firm departure time. He relented. We went to the sale where we found not one, but FOUR cuckoo clocks! Happy day for me and Hannie B.

I chose the smallest of the clocks for several reasons. It cost the least. They were asking $40 and I got it for $25. Also, it had the most adorable owl and fox carving. How could I pass that up? Lastly, it was the only clock that still had it’s cuckoo bird inside. Sigh. It is awesome.


Here’s the clock in its original state. Very grandmotherly looking, in my opinion. I taped off the cuckoo bird and covered the clock face with a plastic baggie. Then I primed that puppy and gave it three coats of Krylon’s Catalina Mist. I know I don’t even need to say it, but my girl is cuckoo for her clock. Super easy project {only had to drive half way across the country to make it happen}. Super great results!



TracyS. said...

That clock is AMAZING!

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm cuckoo over this project! The color update is wonderful!

Assuming it's only for show since the ticking and cuckoo chirp would keep even the soundest sleeper awake.

The Queen Vee said...

You would have been cuckoo to pass on this bargain and although some folks may think you were cuckoo to paint it, I think it's a GREAT improvement.

Aiketa said...

Hi there!!!
You won't believe your eyes... but yes, I'm trying to catch up on your blog... I have only read some of your post but having less time now, I didn't leave any comment. But here I am, reading all of your post that I missed and also leaving a comment so you won't be talking to yourself anymore. :)

I love love love love it!!! Did I say that I LOVE this project?!!!!!! I've always been a lover of cuckoo clocks. My grandparents had one at their home and brings great memories. We still have it. Now it's at my sister's home. Even though I don't think I will be able to paint my grandparents cuckoo... I think it's a great idea to consider for when I have my own apartment (and buy an old one from some sale).

Also, I love the first photo. White bed, cuckoo, little table with beautiful pink flowers and sunlight coming from the windows. House magazine perfect!!! Seriously, I love the flowers!