August 5, 2013

A Photo An Hour …


On the last day of our drive home I decided I needed something to distract me and make time go faster. I got my camera out, put it on the floor by my feet, and every hour, on the hour, I snapped a photo of something in or outside of the car. Here are twelve photos from twelve hours of driving.

1. (Above) I love a seventy-five mile-per-hour speed limit. Don’t you?

2. Six birds on a wire . . . one for each person in my family.


3. Water Tower Love. Big C took a picture of EVERY SINGLE water tower from Utah to Virginia. Weirdo.


4. Are we there yet? A little tired of being in a car seat.


5. Hanging from my rear view mirror! Thanks, Kirsten.


6. What happens when the four year old “REALLY needs to go, like the bad kind” while we’re driving on a toll road.


7. Tech Time!


8. My boredom buster . . . grown up coloring pages.


9. His boredom buster? A Lego Star Wars book and a Puppy.


10. Minnions!


11. This guy saved us! On our last day we listened to SEVEN HOURS of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!


12. And this guy saved our driver – Dr. Pepper, if you must know.



Aiketa said...

It's so good that you all can do many things on the car and don't get dizzy... I'm impressed! Whenever I focus too much into something, like reading... I get dizzy... :(

Love the birds picture!

Looking forward to hear more about the rest of the trip. In how many days did you do the trip back home?

Aiketa said...

hahaha I googled to convert 75mph into kph... and now I just saw that there's already the equivalent under the scale of mph... hahaha silly me!

Also, I think I will never be able to convert mph into kpm or F to Celsius without help of a converter... hahaha

The Queen Vee said...

What a good idea, I enjoyed 11 of the photos on your 12 hour drive. I confess, not wild about the Lee guy bottom shot.

Poor Owlet, that last day was rough on him and I suppose on all the rest of you.

Sue said...

Love this idea! And I cackled right out loud at your emergency (I totally would have taken a picture, too. Sorry, Queen!)

Apis Melliflora said...

Books on CD maintain our travel sanity as well.
Road side potty stops are gross, but necessary.
All the details of your travel world are captivating!

TracyS. said...

Glad you made it back safely! Best wishes recovering from vacation withdrawl.