July 31, 2013

I Live On A Planet Aptly Named DENIAL …


We have been home for two days from from our month-long epic journey across the country. We are all struggling with jet lag (even though we didn’t fly), end-of-fun-it-is and classic rentry to reality syndrome. In other words, we are all in denial. Especially me.

That beautiful cloudy sky was caught by my camera two weeks ago in Kaysville, Utah where we stayed with my baby brother and his family.

I am two weeks behind on blogging.


Life does not slow down. Laundry needs to be washed. Food needs to be bought. The kids are all together with no cousins to play with so they have to fight with each other. It is as awesome as it sounds.

Nevertheless, we are forging on. And I am blogging backwards.

I didn’t get my camera out enough while I was in Kaysville. Instead, I just enjoyed my bro and his stellar wife Mindy. Here are the moments I did capture:

Right down the sidewalk was a horse who loved eating carrots out of the kids hands. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time my kids have actually interacted with a horse.


Here are some of my favorite people. Don’t they look like a picture straight out of the suburban life? Him, carrying the home baked goods. Her, strolling the toddler to the neighborhood gathering. Seriously. These two rock.


Here’s RedDog with his cousin Lou. They played Harry Potter for days. It made my heart so happy.


Here is Hannie B at the neighborhood water party. This picture is a perfect commentary on her life. Go get ‘em, girly.


This is my niece MiMi. I want to eat her right now. That curl on the back of her head is perfect. So is her dress. And the fact that the soccer ball matches her dress . . . help.


This is why Hannie B is also known as Second Momma around here. She takes care of the little guy. He was cold from being wet. She snuggled him and gave him a cool hair do. Nice.


I have a few more snippets of our week in Kaysville to share in other posts. It was a great week. I was really sick the entire time, but loved every minute of it.

Thanks for your patience. It has been a CRAZY (and I mean really, really CRAZY) month. But I am back to writing every day. I need it to help me feel like I am back in my normal life again.

I like normal.


christy said...

I want to "like" every one of your pictures. Looks like you had a terrific trip. Can't wait to read all about it.

The Queen Vee said...

It's good those Kaysville cousins showed up at my house last night for a 9 day visit, hopefully it will help to ease your kiddos re-entry.

Glad that you're back to blogging, looking forward to tripping backwards with for a while.

Susan B said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip! But I am equally as glad that you are back home! Your Virginia friends have missed you!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

What a beautiful life!

Aiketa said...

I really really like Hannie B.'s photo with the horse. It looks like your stay in Kaysville was perfect (except for you being sick)!