June 19, 2013

Life In A Factory . . .


The first two weeks of Summer have been a complete blur. If I’m being completely honest, I should admit that I have completely overcommitted myself and feel very overwhelmed by all that I have to do.

I’m trying very hard to make a list each night so I can wake in the morning and attack it like a beast. It has made for long days and late nights. Darn that Ollie who keeps waking up at 6:45 each morning! I need him to sleep in just once.

Lucky for me, I have a very talented, happy daughter who is generous with her time and willingness to help her mom out. She’s been Ollie’s buddy when I’m busy. She’s also been my worker bee.

Last week I had twenty t-shirts to make for The Hubby and his Varisity/Venture Scouts before they went on High Adventure {they’re sailing the Chesapeake Bay area this week}. He had priced out shirts screened by a profession at about $15 a shirt. I told him I could do it at $4 a shirt.

Why, oh why did I say that?

Making shirts with freezer paper stencils has become a new favorite hobby in my free time. It is a multi-step process and with only one shirt and a simple design it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

The shirts I designed for the Hubby were not simple. They look simple, but the six-six-three and the little dots in the B have to be ironed on individually. Now multiply that by twenty. Blah.

Once I’d cut the twenty designs and ironed them onto the shirts, Hannah became my numero uno helper. She painted all the white and I painted the red. We did it assembly line style on both the kitchen and dining room tables.


I use Martha Stewart craft paint exclusively for my t-shirts. It is safe for everything from wood to fabric and washes well over time.


I was so happy when the last shirt was finished! Sadly, my plate is nowhere close to empty. Lots still to do. We’re cranking it out like a factory over here.

Are you feeling busier than normal this Summer?


The Queen Vee said...

That 3 day drive to UT is looking like a restful vacation, I hope that is the case....you're going to need it.

TracyS. said...

It looks like a fantastic design. Great job! Best wishes tackling the rest of your tasks.

Nikki said...

You have a talent for these shirts! I am afraid you will be busy being requested to keep making them!

Apis Melliflora said...
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Apis Melliflora said...

I'm amazed that you managed to make these along with all your other projects. That is to say, you are amazing.

Aiketa said...

I agree with Apis... you are amazing!!! You do lots of things and all of them so very well done!
I've been quite busy too... (the reason why I haven't been able to catch up on your blog till now!). I'm preparing my MIR exam (residency entrance exam) and I have to study 8h/day from Monday to Saturday. It's a little bit exhausting... but what I must do! So I try every morning to wake up in the best mood possible to face the day!