May 16, 2013

When The Number One Breaks …


Our trampoline, a gift given to us seven years ago by the Hubby’s parents for Christmas, is dead.

In the past seven years it has been used at least once a day by the kids. In the Winter, as long as there isn’t snow, they’re on the trampoline in their coats, hats and mittens.  In the Summer, they’re on it in their swimsuits with a sprinkler on underneath. In the Spring, they’re sweeping the pollen off before jumping. In the Fall they’re raking of leaves. It doesn’t matter what season it is, the trampoline is the number one favorite toy of the Lee kids.

This past year it has become Owlie’s go to bonding time with his siblings. As soon as they walk in the door from school the first words out of the wee boy’s mouth are “Wanna jump with me?” How can they say no?

He can even get his Daddy out there with him. They laugh and jump until it gets dark. Unfortunately, this momma can’t jump or she’ll pee her pants. But I love to watch people jump and take pictures of people jumping.

The springs on this “jumpoline” have finally called it quits. We have another trampoline coming in the mail. The kids are going crazy without it.

I’m curious (because I know this is a polarizing topic) how you feel about trampolines. Did you have one growing up? Do you have one now?


The Queen Vee said...

I didn't have one growing up, I didn't have one for my kids...but when I was a kid I wanted one.

Owlet and the others will be jumping for Joy when the new jumpoline is up and jumpable.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm so glad both my sisters have one. It makes kid visits really, really special.

Tracie Carter said...

I love that picture!!! I grew up with one and will probably always have one - hurray for the cages!!! My parents were both gymnasts and my dad got a college scholarship for trampoline and floor ex as his events! I remember the day when we got our first trampoline as kids because my dad and his two brothers all took turns showing their stuff. My Nana still couldn't watch - just like when they were in high school :) As a teenager, I loved to lay on the trampoline and watch clouds float by. I often miss that wide open big blue sky. Fun, fun memories.

liz said...

My kids think we're so lame because we don't have one. I'm not judgy about it, but do think people should read this:

I completely understand why people have and love them, and I do let my kids jump on other people's trampolines when the opportunity arises, but it's not an everyday activity for us.

Anonymous said...

We inherited one when we bought our house 3 years ago. My boys LOVE IT!

There is potential for injury in ALL sports and play equipment. We just need to set some guidelines and be watchful of the kids.

At this point I would like to foucs on the positives and the giggles coming from my kids :)

kfredricksen said...

I am the meanest Mom on the block. No trampoline, no jumping at friends. Just to dangerous for this Mom.

Sue said...

We got one last summer and it is one big PARTAY! But when big kids are on with little kids the rule is everyone has to stay against the net while only one person jumps at a time.

Aiketa said...

Trampolines are not something common here in Spain/Catalonia, though I've seen some in other European countries. I've never had one nor any of my friends growing up. I believe it's not common either now, but maybe I'm wrong.

It was (and I think still is) common that during the town fair there was a children ride that were lots of trampolines together. It was so much fun to go there. Here a picture (I'm not sure I explained it well enough):

It so great that all your kids enjoy the trampoline. aOwlie is sure enjoying it!!!