May 15, 2013

Make A Wish …


We spent time at the part last week blowing the ghostly remains of dandelions and sending our heartfelt wishes into the sky. It’s so fun to teach a child how to make a wish.

Wanna know what I wished for? Here are a few things:

  • That Big C’s last tooth affected by the baseball accident will not die (the other two are dead).
  • That RedDog will have the energy and brain power to do his best on all of his standardized testing this week.
  • That Hannie B will have good, anxiety free nights through the end of school.
  • That Owlie will be nice to Lucy.
  • That the Hubby will not feel frustrated by a certain disrespectful teenager at our church.
  • That my momma will get home safely from her trip out West.
  • That I can serve my friend Ronalin in these last weeks before she has her baby.
  • That my friend Ronalin’s baby will get her safely.
  • That I can be happy every day.
  • That I can be patient with my kids.
  • That we can all survive the last three weeks of school without killing eachother.
  • That our Summer will be a memorable one.
  • That my toilets and showers would somehow magically clean themselves.

What would you wish for today?


brendag said...
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brendag said...

I wish that a large white envelope (from SLC) would FINALLY arrive at our home today!

Anonymous said...

I wish you peace and happiness. Best friends and family moving away is tough terraine. Just keep focusing on the beauty around you - like that Owlie. He is so darn cute! And your other three children! And the fact that you will not have to create costumes all summer long! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

I wish the weeds would pick themselves.

The Queen Vee said...

Right this minute my wishes are rather vain so I won't share them.

Aiketa said...

I wish for lots of concentration and to have enough will to study all that I have to study from now till next January/February when I will do my residency exam.

I hope all your kids have a successful end of school year! And that Big C tooth won't die and that he is doing well and pain free.

Aiketa said...

Dandelion, is an English word that I love! I really like how it sounds.

And the photo... I have no words to express how much I like it.